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Begusarai 2nd June 2016 Written Update

Scene 1
Bindya wakes up in morning. Garv asks her to rest, Bindya asks what is this noise? Garv says ananya have arranged Yagg/prayers for you. Bindya says what? take me to hall, Garv says you need rest.
Pundits are doing yagg, Pundit asks sons to sit in yag. Bindya comes there and says who arranged this without my permission? Badi Amma says we couldnt ask you because you were sleeping, Ananya was worried for you and arranged this yagg, Bindya says this is all her drama, i wont let this happen. Bindya is about throw water in fire but Shakti holds her hand, she says how dare you stop me? shakti says i can do anything for your life otherwise i would never stop you, Adarsh says he is right, let this Yagg happen for our sake atleast, Bindya looks at Ananya who smiles at her, Bindya thinks that this girl is more clever than my thinking. Brothers hold Ananya’s hand and do Yagg with her, Ananya looks at Bindya and thinks that i am sorry, your sons for first time took my side against you, your fool sons dont even know that they are doing this yagg fro my victory, these sons are your weakness and i will use it, Pundit says from now on till next full moon, ananya cant stay with her husband in room, she will stay in separate room, Ananya says okay, Bindya is angry and recalls how Ananya asked Bindya to bless her to become daughter in law which she never imagined. Pundit says to Ananya that you will have to pray for your mother in law, Bindya thinks that sh made me pawn to defeat my son but till when? after full moon what will she do? Ananya touches Bindya’s feet and asks her to bless me to be successful in her mission, Bindya puts her hand on her had and thinks that she will bear punishment for sure, Ananya thinks that i have time till next full moon and i have to make her sons stand by me till then, Bindya thinks that she can try anything but my sons are loyal and i have raised them with all difficulties and they will never ditch me.
Garv says to Ananya that Bindya has called you in her room. ananya comes to Bindya’s room. Bindya points gun at her and says what you think that i am not able to see your drama? i know women of your kind, what you think that you will do drama infront of my eyes and i will remain silent? i know what you are doing but i want to listen from your mouthl, you did this yagg to keep my sons away from you? Ananya’s saree pallu falls from her head, she says yes i did it and i had put oil on floor last night as i wanted to keep your sons away from me. Bindya gets angry, Ananya says you wanted to listen this right? sons come there, Ananya smirks, sons see Bindya pointing gun at Ananya, Ananya pretends and says i have come here after accepting my mistake and i ready to bear punishment, she says to sons that make maa understand, she forgave my brother, she helped my father when he got heart attack, i will do anything wrong with her? i cant, Ananya pretends and says to Bindya that i have accepted this relation from my heart and soul but if you still think that i am wrong then you can kill me, she puts Bindya’s gun on her head, sons watch it. Bindya says there is no use of this drama, not my heart will melt nor my sons will change, Ananya says i am not doing drama, she says to sons that if i wanted to take revenge then i could have shot you all with the gun which Bindya gave to me but i accepted my defeat, Bindya says because you are woman and you are cheater, Ananya says dont put false allegation on me, i take you as my mother, my husbands have their lives in you and their love for you makes me love you too, Adarsh says to Bindya that this girls isnt worth of doubting, Samar says if she wanted, she could have killed us but she didnt, Bindya says you people are no seeing the game she is playing, Amar says i think this girl should be given one chance to prove herself. Garv says she is always infront of our eyes so she cant do much against us. Bindya says my sons say something to me and i dont agree to it? that cannot happen, i give one chance to Ananya but my eyes will be on you 24*7, i will keep an eye on you like i do on a woman as i dont trust women, Shakti says dont worry, we will keep an eye on her. Bindya says you will stay away from my sons for a month but you have to be like their wife, you have to touch their feet, you have to make food for them, you have to serve them, you have to massage their feet before going to sleep, Ananya says i will do as you say, Bindya says if i get doubt on you in this month then.. Ananya says you will not have a doubt, this is a promise of a Thakurain to another Thakurain.
Bindya thinks about Ananya and says i know Ananya’s tears are fake but i dont understand why she is doing all this? i gave her chance on my sons saying but i will get to know what her mission is. Garv comes there, Bindya says i have work for you, she gives him some instruction which is muted.

PRECAP- Garv is without shirt, he says thanks to Ananya for serving to Maa. Ananya says owner should not say thanks for servant, Garv says you are not servant but daughter in law of this house, ananya touches his feet. Ananya looks at Garv and thinks that Garv is most difficult to understand from all brothers, before trapping him, i have to find out everything about his past.

Written Update by Atiba

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