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Begusarai 27th November 2015 Written Update

Scene 1
Priyom says to Bindya why are you upset? I dont believe in these orthodox things. Nothing will happen. Come with me. Smile now. They go.
Everyone is out in the fest. They come near lake. Poonam is about to slip. Lakhan holds her hand. They do the pooja. Lakhan says in heart if Poonam wants to be free from me, then give her freedom. I cant see her in pain. Poonam says in heart I don’t need anything for myself. Help me to support my parents and rest DOlt in peace. Protect Guddi and her child.

Bindya says in heart I never got any happiness. Now I got priyom please protect him. Bhanu is there with riffle. They all float the diyas. Priyom goes inside the water. Bindya says don’t go inside the water is deep. Bhanu spots on Priyom. He fires a bullet. Bindya screams priyom. Priyom goes inside water. And water is read. Bindya screams. She goes inside water. priyom comes out he is fine. priyom says why are you screaming? Bhanu says what is bindya doing with him. Priyom says what would happen to me. Bindya says I bullet and blood. He says water is read because of sindur. Bindya says but I saw the bullet. Lets go home. He says this time? She says please. He says whats wrong with you? Okay lets go.

Bhanu calls someone and says priyom is coming towards haveli. Don’t leave him alive. Priyom and bindya leave for home. Bhanu is waiting for them with his men. The first jeep comes. Priyom is not in them. Priyom says when I am hungry I get quite. You look like a hungry lioness. You would have shot someone if they ask you to fast tomorrow as well. Bindya says in heart I saw the bullet. Suddeenly someone shoots. The jeep hits tree.
Bhanu starts firing. Priyom says give me the revolver. They both leave the jeep and start running.
Bhanu and his men chase them. Bindya says priyom.. He says quite. Nothing will happen to you. Priyom says we both have to go safe from here. Bindya says if i dont go they will kill you. Priyom says what will I do without you?
They shoot priyom’s hand. Priyom starts running with her. Suddenly priyom falls. The revolver slips out of this hand. Bahnu’s men come there. Priyom hits them and asks who are you? Who sent you. Bindya hits them with a stick as well. They grasps Priyom and hit him. Priyom says what you want? Bhanu says your life.He says my life is in your fist. priyom says who the hell are you? Bhanu says shut up. you ask so many questions. His men put a sword on priyom’s neck. Bindya puts a revolver on Bhanu’s neck. She says let priyom go or I will shoot you. Ask you men to drop down their guns. He says i heard you went to haveli but you started loving him. How can you forget my love. Bindya says if you move I will shoot you. Ask them to leave priyom. They leave priyom. Priyom picks a riffle. He takes Bhanu’s. Bindya says start moving.

Precap-Bindya sees in dream Bhanu shooting priyom. she wakes up.

Written Update By Atiba


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