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Begusarai 26th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Scene 1

and will give so much pain that even death will be afraid to come closer to you, she leaves with Komal from there, All are distraught.
Badi Amma is sitting in room, she asks about Mitlaish, Maya says he is shaken up, Poonam says dont know what Choti amma will do with Bhushan, Lakhan starts to leave, Poonam asks where is he going? Lakhan says to bring my father, Poonam says you wont do anything like this, you have swear on me, what if they hurt Bhushan? Lakhan says dont say this again, what you want that people kill my family and i keep looking all this silently? he leaves angrily. Badi Amma says dont worry, Lakhan will calm down with time, i dont understand how Choti can do this with me, i didnt understand that she had so much pain, i couldnt understand her, she became Sarkar because of me, i am culprit of you all, i am Badi Amma of this family but i couldnt handle my family, i failed, Maya says the way you handled this family, nobody could, Guddi says you raised us like mother and mother can never be wrong, Poonam says dont worry, they are miffed with us but i have hope that we will pacify them with love, Badi amma says they have changed name but we wont forget our relation with them, Guddi says becareful, she is Sarkar now, Maya says i feel she has grudge from Badi Amma, Badi Amma says so i will go to talk to her, if she wanted to kill me then she would have done it long back but she is my Choti so i will talk to her, she leaves.
Badi Amma comes to Choti Amma’s room, she asks why did you come here? Badi Amma says i thought you are miffed with me so i came to ask forgiveness, she tries to sit but Choti Amma says i didnt ask you to sit, Badi Amma stands up and says if i have hurt you intentionally or unintentionally then forgive me, you are my choti, Choti Amma says i am not Choti but Sarkar now, by making sister, relation wont change, i will remain Thakur’s.. Badi Amma says dont say like this, i love you alot, Choti Amma says you only love yourself, you became doceit and killed many people, you made us all lie in court to save your son, you made me serve your family for years, Badi Amma says i did it for my family’s betterment, i am sorry to hurt you, Choti Amma says dont shed crocodile tears, i wont melt, you have given me wounds and now i will give them back to your family, this is promise of Sarkar, before i shoot you just leave my room, i dont want to give you easy death, Badi Amma says listen to me, Choti Amma call goons and ask them to throw her out, Badi amma says i can leave myself, i have strength, she leaves.
Badi Amma comes back to room, Poonam says i told you.. Badi Amma says i know but i cant accept that my Choti can do this, she called goons to throw me out of room, Poonam says dont worry, everything will be fine, she makes Badi amma sit, Bindya is standing near door, Poonam sees her, Bindya starts to leave but Poonam stops her, bindya says i am sorry to interupt in family matters, Poonam says but you are part of family, you were on Sarkar’s side as she saved your life but you didnt know that Choti amma is Sarkar, its good Priyom is not alive else he would have been hurt relatives becoming stranger, Bindya says i have become stranger too, Poonam says then why are you crying with us? you were, are and will remain part of this family, i promise you to not leave you alone, Bindya says i promise to rectify my mistakes, Komal listens all this and says Begumsarai have to bear consequences.

PRECAP- Sarkar’s goon brings Bindya to some place and says you have to do Sarkar’s work, she asks what she has to do? goon says you have to kill Bhushan, Bindya gets angry and takes gun from him. Lakhan is at den where Bhushan is kidnapped, he beat goons and try to free Bhusna but oons overpower him and beats him, Bindya comes there and is shocked to see this.

Written Update By Atiba


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