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Begusarai 25th August 2015 Written Episode Update

Scene 1

Health practitioner checks Lakhan and prescribe medicines, he states to Poonam that the hand has wound, ought to i give drugs? she claims no, she inquire about Lakhan, he states that Lakhan has significant fever, if he has fever full evening then Will probably be dangerous for him, fever mustn’t raise over 100F, Poonam claims i will handle him, doctor leaves.

Priyom comes in his space, he remembers Choti Amma’s phrases that he cant see his spouse’s misdeeds, he is modified in like, Priyom says i am sorry Badi amma, i know I’m cheating along with you all, i dont have earned your rely on, forgive me, he puts wine in glass and beverages, Bindya arrives and sees him, she claims you have been in hurry to start celebration which you didnt look ahead to me, make just one pack for me too, Priyom ask why you did that? until now no person talked to Badi Amma such as this, how dare you talk to keys from her? go now, sit in her toes, say sorry and provides keys again to her else.. Bindya states else what will you do? dont speak to me in large tone, i am not innocent daughter in regulation who will bow for you, I’m Bindya, people of home dont know actuality, when they’ll know it, Will probably be enjoyable, what will occur to Poonam then? Priyom talk to why you will be doing all this? what you need? Bindya claims Alright i will inform you, like Phulan retired and gave obligation to you personally, i said very same to Badi Amma that she must rest now and give duty to daughter in regulations so she gave keys to me, and pay attention, I’m not doing anything at all Incorrect, I’m doing what Phulan made me find out someday back again, a person commences clapping listening this, they change to discover Phulan clapping after listening all this, both are shocked.

Scene 2

Poonam is taking care of Lakhan, she rubs his toes, covers his head with cold fabric and gives him syrup, she cries and prays that acquire my lifestyle but make him fantastic shortly, i cant see him in discomfort, Lakhan wakes up just a little and holds her hand, she tries to her hand, Lakhan claims you’ve harm me alot, the much i beloved you, i hate you more now, you’ve got broken my coronary heart by loving Priyom, Poonam says Priyom is practically nothing for me, she says its hurting me, go away my hand, he leaves, Lakhan says the agony you have provided me, you’ll have to bear identical suffering.

Priyom thinks that if Phulan has listened our talks? Bindya thinks if Phulan listened my talks, she request Phulan which you would’ve termed me, why did you appear right here? Phulan claims i am definitely amazed by you, Bindya request what? he states feature me, Priyom goes behind Phulan, Bindya goes way too.

Poonam does bandage on her hand, she thinks which i ought to Verify Lakhan’s fever but how? she claims I’ll Verify it at any Expense, she takes thermometer and places in his mouth but he pushes her away and claims be from me.

Phulan brings Priyom and Bindya in corridor, Bindya thinks that i am sure he didnt listen our talks else he might have thrown us out, Badi Amma and Choti amma will come there far too, he inquire Bindya to get in touch with Rekha and Bhushan as well, they come, Bhushan request if some thing Exclusive? Badi Amma question Anything you wanna say? Phulan states to Bindya that give keys back to Badi amma at this time infront of all, Rekha claims but Badi Amma has supplied keys to me herself, we must always respect her choice, Phulan suggests disrespect was when keys was taken from her, any person can Believe everything but Badi Amma has managed this property and may retain handling it, Rekha states i is not going to give keys, i am daughter in legislation of the property, I’ve rights, what drama Is that this that provide keys very first then consider it back again, injustice has took place often, Bhushan ask her to perform what Phulan is stating, Phulan talk to Bindya to offer keys again to Badi Amma, Bindya normally takes keys from Rekha and provides it to Badi Amma, Phulan says nothing can be unseen from my eyes, i know every thing which is going on Within this home and in Begusarai, i have only offered my throne but I’ll keep on being Thakur until Demise, Priyom smiles, Bindya stops Phulan and suggests i am sorry, i in no way wanted to hurt you or Badi Amma, i just required that young era should get working experience of responsibility, i did error, i is not going to get it done again, she fold her hands and states sorry, Phulan leaves without having investigating her, all leaves, Bindya thinks that Phulan rule over Begusarai but Imagine if Phulan not stay in begusarai, he has snatched all my pleasure from childhood but now I’ve occur to grab every thing from you, I’ll choose Haveli from you but very first i have to eliminate you from my route.

Poonam offers syrup to Lakhan but he doesnt get it, she suggests you require this, your fever will decrease down, Lakhan blabbers that i is not going to get medicine from a fingers, Poonam thinks what to do, she sees rope there and thinks that for security of his daily life, i have to make it happen, Lakhan is dizzy, Poonam ties his hands and ft, she involves him and will make him drink syrup, she rubs his toes, she checks his fever and suggests his fever didnt reduced down.

PRECAP- Bindya says to Rekha which the just one that’s hurdle in our way if we take out him from our route then? Rekha says but its as well harmful, Bindya says if you want keys of house then you have to decide Should your aspiration of ruling is a lot more vital or Phulan’s lifestyle?

Written Update By Sahir


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