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Begusarai 25th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Scene 1
Badi amma is begging in the streets. Badi amma sees idol and says i heard who has no one has God. She sits there. They serve her with bread and some food. Badi amma leaves from there. Three thugs come and say are you stealing food from here? She says you are getting wrong. I am old. How can I run? They say you stole from some other place too. They shove her. Suddenly they see its badi thakur. He says I am sorry. They run. Badi’s amma’s forehead is bleeding. People ask what are you doing here at this time? They take her.

Lakhan locks one of bindya’s men in store. He says I don’t talk much. Tell me where is my dad? He says I don’t know. Lakhan says tell me or I will kill you. Lakhan hits him and says you have to tell. Or I will kill you. He says Bhushan is in.. Bhanu shoots him. He says no traitors. Because of you we had to kill our man. Lakhan points gun at him and says tell me. Bhanu says I thought you were wise. I showed you movie of your babu ji. He shows lakhan video, Bhushan is abducted and asking for water.
Bhanu says bindya will kill your whole family. Come on kill me. Lakhan stops.

Maya is looking for badi ama. Mitlesh says where can she be? Maya says I looked for her everywhere but she isn’t home. Maya says so much is already happening in the house. Maya says I am really worried. Mitlesh says you should have kept an eye. He says I am going out to check. Suddenly he sees people bringing badi amma in. Chori, maya and mitlesh are dazed. Binduya is in balcony. Bindya is dazed. Choti amma says how did this happen? Mitlesh asks men who has done this? Tell me the name. bindya goes in. Badi amma says leave him. Its not his mistake. Choti amma says why you went out? Badi amma thanks those people. The men say we apologize for not recognizing you at first. Badi amma says its late you people should go home.

Precap-Gauri says I will only be okay when Kali comes back. Swami says she will come back. She is not your kala teeka but because she loves you.

Written Update By Atiba


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