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Begusarai 23rd September 2015 Written Update

Scene 1

Lakhan unpin Poonam’s hairs, he moves his fingers in her hairs, she appears to be at him tensed, he request what took place? why these tears? he wipes her tears and question if I’m scolding you? she suggests no, he cups her encounter in his fingers and suggests only my eyes can see this Poonam for the reason that only I’ve ideal on you, you’ll be able to put on what you wish, purchase whichever you wish, denims, T-shirt, skirt everything but only On this space for me, Poonam is stunned, they share eyelock, Lakhan will come near her, He’s about to kiss her but Poonam runs away, she stand in corners, eyes shut.
Priyom claims to Bindya that i’m inquiring a little something, Bindya states i dont wanna answer just about anything, In case you are worried about broken items of this place then I’ll convey dollars from locker and can get anything fixed, Priyom claims i am not worried about household furniture or income but i take care of you, Bindya seems to be at him, he features her water and suggests you can sense much better by ingesting cold h2o, she will take drinking water from him and is going to consume it, she suggests even then i wont show you why i was offended, he states i dont wanna know both, she drinks water, he says i will likely not check with cause for your anger but notify me exactly where did you can get hurt? you might have damaged so a lot of things so let me Check out the place it harm you, he checks her hand, she screams, Priyom suggests looks as if you have got sprain, I’ll do bandage, he can make her sit and does her bandage, he states if I’d questioned you this in anger then you wouldnt have explained to me, why? Bindya says because not one person requested about my agony in everyday life, she in tears seems to be at him, Priyom seems down and says could it be lifestyle’s fault or yours fault? whatever we thinki about existence, lifestyle bring that kind of people infront us only,k Bindya claims again lecture? i dont want any bandage, he suggests Okay i will never say everything, let me do bandage, she sits down, he begins executing bandage again, she states if i check with you when you see me, what you think about me? he suggests i really feel you are tiny kid, whose toy is remaining snatched, she planned to Perform with it but now when its snatched, she’s angry and need to get it back, he leaves, Bindya cries listening all of that.
Poonam is covering herself with dupatta when Lakhan retains it and doesnt let her don it, he can take it from her, she’s shy and is also going to run, he states halt, Lakhan puts her hairs on a person side, he is about to kiss on her neck, she moves away, Lakhan holds her hand, will come nearer to her, retains her confront and says i wish to capture this moment for life, equally really feel one another.

Scene two
Dolt provides guddi to some isolated spot, he claims when you find yourself with me then every day is Diwali and every minute is Holi for me, he has organized snacks for her, she lights fireplace, she talk to from which Motion picture did you receive these traces? he states its my unique, he comes nearer to her.
Lakhan delivers his cellular phone and is taking Poonam’s photo in skirt, she is shy and suggests no, she claims not in these outfits, he ask if you dont have faith in me? she smiles and Allow him take her photograph, Lakhan brings dupatta and places it on Poonam’s head, Lal ishq plays, Poonam lovingly have a look at him, Lakhan kisses her forehead, he kisses her on lips (demonstrated as shadow), tears rolls down Poonam’s cheeks, Lakhan suggests you might be cry toddler, he wipes her tears, Poonam wipes Lakhan’s tears, she caresses his deal with and hugs him tightly, equally are in peace hugging one another.
Dolt opens Guddi’s gown’s dori, he tries to come nearer to her, she suggests go away me, he doesnt pay attention, she slaps him, he is shocked, she suggests i am sorry, Dolt inquire whats Incorrect in it? do you love me or once again faking it? Guddi says practically nothing like that, Dolt states I really like you prefer ridiculous but you believe I am able to make the most of you? you dont belief me, I really like you but i cant act like your Pet, he leaves, Guddi is tensed.
Rekha states Badi Amma destroyed her prepare and else was compensated by my son by insulting Bindya, what if Bindya will get indignant, Bindya comes there, Rekha request why this bandage with your hand? Bindya states leave it, inform me if Lakha punished Poonam or not? Rekha states i will convey Haldi milk for you, Bindya talk to Lakhan punished Poonam or not? Rekha says he should have punished her, didnt you see Lakhan dragged Poonam from ounge. Poonam arrives out of in this article sporting saree, Maya comes to her and check with did Lakhan scold you? Poonam smiles and suggests he didnt say nearly anything to me, Bindya and Rekha are looking at them from considerably, Maya says to Poonam that I believe Bindya has completed that jeans conspiracy in opposition to you, Poonam says possibly you might be correct but i felt negative that Rekha is taking her side, Maya claims because Bhushan doesnt say something to her and.. Poonam says if other Gentlemen of the dwelling receives to understand about it then issue will turn into critical, Maya states yes Gentlemen of this home fires bullet to start with then check with question and most indignant guy is your Lakhan, Badi Amma will come there and this anger will function in favor of this residence someday, We now have to halt Bindya and Rekha to performing negative to this household, They may be miffed with Poonam so they may hold trying to end Poonam, Choti amma suggests I’m tensed, Poonam claims dont be tensed, if Women of all ages can split dwelling then only Girls can sign up for it, i will demonstrate appropriate way to Bindya’s just about every wrong deed, its my guarantee.

PRECAP- Someone is available in home and normally takes supplements from there. she is available in kitchen area and begins crushing it, Rekha will come there, its Poonam that’s crushing medicines, Rekha question whats going on? Poonam gets tensed.

Written Update By Sahir


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