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Begusarai 20th October 2015 Written Update

Scene 1
Lakhan says this is to make the balance. Poonam says please don’t drink. He closes the bottle and puts it aside. Lakhan says I have promised that I will only give you happiness. He swipes her tears. Lakhan shows her the jewelry. Poonam says in heart this is Guddi’s. I couldn’t see it. Lakhan saw me and Priyom at that place and got it wrong. But for Guddi I can’t say anything.

Priyom says Lakhan will punish her in room. How can I save her. Bindya comes in and says wow. What a love. Two marriages couldn’t even kill it. Priyom says keep your dirty thinking to yourself. She says your returned with your lover and I have dirty mind. He says there is nothing between me and Poonam. She says there is nothing between poonam and lakhan as well. That is why she keep running after you. Priyom says shut up. Bindya says why should I? I am your wife. Priyom says I thought there must be some reason for you to sit at market. But you have a small thinking.I will answer everyone for Poonam’s innocence. I will prove everyone that I went to find Guddi with her. And unless I find the truth I wont sit home.
Bindya wonders they went to find Guddi. This means Guddi and dolt, if nothing happened between them, my plan will be ruined.

Poonam comes to Guudi. Guddi says are you okay? Are you hurt. Poonam says I am fine. Guddi hugs her. Guddi says I was scared, Lakhan had gun in his hands. Poonam says I am fine. Guddi says I will tell everyone the truth. Poonam says you promised me. Poonam says if someone blames me that will accuse my parents but if it comes to you, it will ruin the name of thakur family. Poonam says give me your bangles and earrings.

Maya says there is something that Priyom wanted to tell. Choti amma says yes why he brought up Guddi’s name. And why lakhan drank. Maya says I trust poonam. She wont let any defamation come to us.
Lakhan stops Poonam. She says why didn’t you asleep. He says my heart is aching with your lies. Why didn’t you tell everyone that we went to find Guddi. Your silence makes you the culprit. Tell me whom are you trying to save? She says Lakhan trusts me. Then why are you thinking so much? I am going to sleep. He says Guddi.. Poonam stops. Priyom says why didn’t you stop with Guddi’s name. your lie is related to Guddi. but what I will find that out soon.

Bindya suggests to Rekha these thakurs are pretenders. Dadda ji claims that He’ll sacrifice anyone in identify of honor. But did he do a thing to Guddi? no? Poonam can perform something. She stole my husband from me. rekha claims sufficient. Dadda ji overhears it. They are pretending to create him listen to. Bindya states I’m able to’t bear anymore. I am able to’t see it. I’ll leave that space and after that poonam will arrive and Stay there. Not a soul will cease her. Rekha claims don’t speak an excessive amount. I will shut the door. She comes to the door, dadda ji is sitting there.He leaves.
Bindya says when the appropriate route doesn’t function you employ the lean just one. I’ll kick poonam out of the dwelling. And I hope Guddi did what i predicted.

Guddi is asleep in her place. She recollects what she did with Dolt. Another person caresses her head. She claims its far too difficult to overlook. Guddi sees that its bindya. Guddi says why are you listed here? Bindya claims what ended up you indicating? Speak it you will feel improved. Guddi says go from my space. Bindya claims I’m your bhabhi. I am worried to suit your needs. Poonam explained that she went to seek out you out. Guddi claims she was rather. Now go from here. Bindya suggests could you confirm your like to dolt? Guddi states thats none of your small business. Bindya states no person receives their love in thakur family. I hope you get your enjoy. Did you meet dolt? Poonam comes in and asks what does one wanna know? Bindya claims to guddi you should relaxation. Poonam suggests only you’ll be able to know how manipulate people. Bindya suggests wow you may have modified shades quite quickly by staying total night out with my husband. Bindya leaves. poonam locks the door. Guddi says I am definitely fearful. I’m able to’t conceal it any more. Poonam suggests I am along with you. Every little thing will likely be okay.

Precap-Poonam presents tea to dadda ji. He throws it absent.

Written Update By Sahir


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