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Begusarai 20th May 2015 Written Update By Shabir

Scene one

Bindya suggests Mitlaish is driving me, I had been jogging clear of him but these days he arrived in this article and conquer me After i claimed no, its sufficient, i have only two ways, both submit myself to him or to tell truth of the matter to Phulan, if i agree to Mitlaish then i can get in dirt yet again and if i convey to Phulan then it will carry challenge in haveli, i named you however , you didnt appear, he said he will arrive tonight, you stopped brothers from battling earlier, preserve my life this time too.
Dolt suggests to Lakhan that Imagine if Poonam gets to know that we’ve been earning her Close friend Najma’s brother Rizwan puff medicine, Lakhan states who’ll explain to her, Dolt claims you happen to be correct, he talk to why you are making him habituated to prescription drugs, Lakhan states human and income have one practice, they deceive you but both displays loyalty toward prescription drugs, They are going to be pressured to come below to possess medications and will turn out to be our servants, Lakhan claims to Rizwan what will you explain to folks whenever they know about drugs? Rizwan states i will say i bought it from bin, Lakhan states i swear on my really like, I’ll inject poison During this city, i will consider revenge from Phulan by destroying his metropolis, these drug addicts will get in touch with me king.
Mitlaish suggests Bindya stooped low once again, she is looking me to her place, he finds Priyom’s voice from Bindya’s room, Priyom is drunk and suggests to Bindya that you’ll be a lot attractive that i think i did mistake by letting you drop by Mitliash, i must have put stamp on you of my title, Mitlaish comes and inquire What exactly are you carrying out right here Priyom?, Priyom says what a younger boy must do when he meets younger Lady, Mitlaish states you recognize that she’s in my treatment, Priyom suggests your name will not be penned on her, she is dancer, sometime yours, sometime mine, Mitlaish states i comprehend you’re drunk but dont misbehave, Priyom says Alright I’ll contact Phulan, he has requested you to be far from Bindya but i didnt get buy like that, Mitlaish states you will be blackmailing me? Priyom says just telling you fact, I’m bachelor but You aren’t, I am able to call Phulan, Mitlaish says you might be no in senses, i will talk to you Once your hangover goes, he leaves, it turns out that Priyom was acting as drunk, Bindya many thanks him, she says you saved my regard, you fought with your brother for me, i will never neglect that, Priyom claims you saved Pinto’s everyday living, i received to pay attention that you’ll be dwelling respectful lifetime, its superior, if you retain on this path then i might be along with you usually.. Mitlaish lifted hand on you, i am sorry for that but dont tell this to Phulan as he will punish Mitlaish and Maya bhabhi is going to be hurt, Bindya suggests dont get worried, it will likely not go out from this place but i am concerned, what if Mitlaish comes back again, you be here for tonight, Priyom suggests my cell phone is on, if he comes then give me a get in touch with, I’ll arrive, he leaves, Bindya states in the future you may stick with me, goodness is your toughness and I’ll benefit from that.

Scene two
Poonam have plate of meals but not feeding on, Birla question why you are not ingesting? Poonam states I’ll take in, she’s going to try to eat but recollects how Priyom was asking foods, then how she slapped him, Poonam states dont know why I’m not able to try to eat, this Priyom have created me mad, I’ll take in…. no i will likely not eat.. Birla inquire with whom you happen to be speaking much too? Poonam states i will consume one more roti, Birla check with what occurred to you personally Once you arrived from Patna, did anyone do magic on you? Poonam says anything is normal, i will consume, he could perform and make meals but no he has to produce me fret, maintain hungry but I’ll eat, she gets Najma’s get in touch with, she will take her contact and claims i is not going to take a look at appreciate and all, Najma tells her anything, Poonam stunned.
Priyom is hungry, he beverages h2o. Choti Amma and Maya are unfortunate for him, Maya says it’s not superior, Choti Amma claims dont even imagine heading from Badi Amma, they depart. Poonam comes on terrace with meals plate, she thinks i am using meals for him as he is my friend and hungry, practically nothing else. she jumps her balcony and doesnt discover Priyom on terrace, he quickly comes there, she claims i received concerned, you might be roaming in this article like ghost, I had been acquiring you, Priyom says why? you wanna slap me yet again? Poonam says i elevated hand by miscalculation, Priyom claims be faraway from me, Poonam says i also dont need to get closer for you, i introduced foods in your case, Priyom says you are going against Badi Amma, how you got much guts? you appear to be changed Once you have returned from Patna, whats the make a difference, Poonam suggests almost nothing, I’ve introduced food items for you therefore you are questioning me only, if you dont wanna eat then i will take it back again, she turns and is shocked to find out Badi Amma there, Badi Amma sternly looks at her and says how dare you overrule my get, Priyom says she brought foods but i didnt try to eat, Allow her go, Badi Amma says i have observed Poonam from childhood, i haven’t seen any mistake done by her but why she did it currently? Poonam states i didnt do any mistake, you questioned Priyom to generate 100rs and he has attained it, Badi Amma question then where by it is actually? Poonam suggests i hardly ever lie you know that, Najma have noticed Priyom working and Placing issues in godown, Priyom is stunned, Poonam says he bought cash for that but .. she tells her how Priyom got income but he gave revenue to worker’s son and mentioned this is shagun, my father suggests 1st salary must be applied in excellent operate and i am undertaking that only, get food stuff in your son from this revenue, i will think that i succeed, Poonam states if Priyom experienced informed this to you, you might have not believed him, so he didnt tell you, Badi Amma suggests you fully grasp him perfectly, Poonam suggests I am aware him from childhood, he demonstrates that he’s careless but he worries for everybody, Badi Amma suggests I’m solid i wil not cry for him, i will punish him for not telling me fact, she inquire Poonam to feed him so he can operate tomorrow as well, she states to Priyom that That which you did today, it looks like you are shadow of Phulan Thakur, Poonam smiles at Priyom, Badi Amma leaves, Poonam appears to be at Priyom and smiles broadly.

PRECAP- Pinto and Soni have made painting of Haveli, Mitlaish ask whom you made sit on throne of Begusarai? Pinto says its Priyom, he is king and you are his minister, Mitlaish is shocked. Poonam is leaving, Priyom holds her from arm, brings her closer, turns her face towards him, she looks at him shyly.


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