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Begusarai 1st October 2015 Written Update

Scene 1
Priyom says Dadda this is not right to behave this way with any girl, Dadda says bringing any girl to your room and saying to society that she is your wife, is that right? this is Thakur’s haveli not some red light area, we have certain rules and it will remain same for Thakurs and people of Begusarai, he orders to take off bindya’s mangalsutra, wipe filthy sindoor from her forehead and throw her out of Haveli, Bindya cries and helplessly looks at Priyom, servant snatches Mangalsutra from her neck, she wipes her sindoor, other servant comes to take Bindya from there but Priyom stops him and says you all need proof of my marriage? i will give you proof, he brings bedsheet, he set sheet on fire, he comes to Bindya, holds her hand and says I Priyom Phulan Thakur taking fire as witness promises to Bindya that.. he takes Phera with her around fire, Bindya keep looking at him emotionally, he says i promise that i may stay hungry but i wont let her stay hungry, he takes 2nd phera with her and promises that till i am alive i will protect you and your dignity, he takes 3rd phera with her and promises that i will never let you feel lonely, he takes 4th phera with her and promises that i will always keep you happy Bindya, Bindya cries and is happy too, he takes 5th phera with her and says i promises when we will have kids, nobody will be able to harm them, he takes 6th phera with her and promises that i will be your friend, your life partner for rest of my life, he takes 7th phera with her and promises that i will give all peace of life, i accept you as my wife, from today you will get respect of being my wife and being daughter in law of this house, Bindya cries, he brings Mangalsutra and makes her wear it, both look at each other, he fills her forehead with Sindoor while she lowers her eyes, Priyom holds her hand and says Pheras are done, i have put Mangalsutra and now you all are witness of my marriage, if now someone tries to disrespect my wife then i will not forgive that person, he stares Dadda, Bindya thinks Poonam you wanted to throw me out of this house after insulting me, now you start counting your days, i will throw you out of this house in 2 weeks else i am not Bindya Priyom Thakur, i take promise.

Scene 2
Lakhan is going to his room, Bindya stops him and says now i have relation with this house, Priyom proved infront of all, Lakhan ask so what should i do? Bindya says i need your blessing, Lakhan ask why? bindya says there is someone(Poonam) in this house who doesnt want me to be in this house, who wants to break my relation with that person, if you bless me then i will be able to save my relation and you will save your relation and for that you need to bless me, she tries to touch his feet but he leaves, Rekha comes to bindya and says Lakhan has fire in his eyes and Poonam will be burnt in that.Lakhan involves his area and thinks that whom really should I feel? is Priyom Bindya’s marriage accurate or what Poonam is expressing is genuine? Poonam relates to him and claims i wanna speak to you, he claims for speak there need to be two particular person in room And that i am leaving, Poonam retains his hand and claims why you are misunderstanding issues? Lakhan claims them make me realize why you wanna break Priyom and Bindya’s relationship? Poonam stares him angrily, Lakhan check with what happened are you ashamed? i will inform you, you wanna crack their relationship to make sure that Priyom will be yours for life, Poonam begins to leave but Lakhan retains her hand and states chat isnt concluded yet, Pooname will take off his hand and claims you connect with it converse? it truly is putting allegation on me, I am able to say it often times but you might think what you want to, i have instructed you earlier as well that i wont give far more take a look at now, she leaves angrily, Lakhan looks on.
Rekha relates to Bindya and states tell me genuinely have been you not married to Priyom previously? Bindya claims what you think that? Rekha suggests Poonam will not be the sort of Female who’ll say lie, Bindya says if you think that Poonam is so ideal then drop by her, why you’re with me? provide her not me, depart, she provides you with your right which Haveli keys, Rekha claims i just stated it in minute, bindya says that Poonam insulted me infront of all but she forgot that its my perform to try and do drama and i will generate this type of scene that until tomorrow that Dadda who blessed Poonam will toss her out of this residence.

PRECAP- Bindya is in tears and says to Priyom you have killed previous Bindya in me and you’ve got offered lifestyle to new Bindya which new Bindya is all yours, only yours, Priyom suggests i cant turn out to be yours, i have presently presented my coronary heart to somebody(Poonam) and now this coronary heart cant beat for anyone else, Bindya is damage listening this.

Written Update By Sahir


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