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Begusarai 19th October 2015 Written Update

Scene 1
Dadda ji says where were you? I want an answer right now. I ask you poonam what were you doing out with priyom at this time? priyom says we went to look for Guddi. Maya says Dadda ji guddi is in kids’ room. Bindya wonders how? Dadda ji says this means priyom’s wife was right. What is this? You married Lakhan and you are having fun with Priyom. Priyom says how can you say that to her. Dadda ji says she has crossed all limits. These are her traits you people talk about? Love is blind. Priyom says dadda ji enough. Mitlesh says you dont dare to talk like that. He says I am witness of Poonam’s innocence. I can’t let them do this. Priyom says why don’t you tell them that you went to look for Guddi and she went to her friend’s place.Then she called you and said she is home. Bindya says wow. You didn’t tell your lover what to say in case of being caught. Priyom says what are you saying. Bindya says at least the people who used to come to our place didn’t even do this in their own house. Priyom says enough. I am ashamed of your thinking. Rekha says and I am ashamed of my fate. Lakhan married this woman. Dadda ji says she has to be punished for it. Mitlesh bring my gun. Mitlesh brings him gun. Guddi sees all this happening from balcony. Priyom says even court doesn’t announce any sentence without witness and proof.

Lakhan comes in and reads the couplet, ‘bezti karogy tou hojaogy badnaam, tohmatain bat ti nahi kherat main’. (If you insult someone you’ll be defamed, defamation doesn’t come in beg)
Rekha says where were you? your wife was out with priyom all night and dadda ji.. Lakhan holds the gun. He says my wife committed sin so I will punish her. This is the ritual of this house, husband decides punishment for his wife. He points the gun at poonam. Priyom comes in front of her. Lakhan says this is between me and my wife i don’t want you to speak.

Lakhan says to poonam I married you on power of this same gun. And I promised to support you all my life. I will keep you happy. Alway trust you. Just the way it is decided. Dadda ji has given me the gun, so I’ll decide the punishment. I am sorry dadda ji, choti amma and badi amma. Your slumber was disturbed because of my wife. now go and sleep. Bindya says sleep? your wife was out with my husband and you are asking us to sleep. It doesn’t affect you but it affects me. Lakhan points the gun at bindya. He says I asked you, not to take my wife and your husband’s name together. I will talk to my wife in my room and you talk to your husband in your room.Got it? Or you can take it. He gives her the gun. Bindya says i don’t need gun. Lakhan says oh really. In this life only I have right to look at poonam. priyom you better look at your wife. He takes poonam’s hand and takes her to room.
Priyom wonders why poonam didn’t say anything.

Lakhan comes in area and locks the door. He claims what are you wondering? Why i didn’t produce a fuss downstairs. He factors the gun at her. He states or are you presently believing that I can pay the gun sport once more. Will shoot you very first then kill myself. This wont take place. The thing is that I have faith in you. Poonam is dazed. He puts the gun on her again and pulls her nearer. He states few hrs ago, whenever you advised me that given that childhood i have only damage you. Then I promised that immediately after right now I’ll only Provide you contentment. I have faith in your fully. What do i have? She says rely on. Lakhan claims and you also, you broke my belief. He factors the gun at her. He throws away the gun. Lakhan usually takes out drink. Poonam states be sure to don’t drink. He says don’t contact me with these palms with whom you touched her. Try to avoid me. She claims I’ll but please don’t drink. Lakhan states This is actually the drugs. If i don’t consume I are going to be in my senses. If I are available senses, my rely on will shake.

Precap-Bindya suggests to Priyom I used to be loyal for you which connection not such as you.

Written Update By Sahir


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