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Begusarai 19th August 2015 Written Episode Update

Scene 1
Lakhan is leaving, Choti Amma inquire what transpired? do you think you’re great? he doesnt reply and leaves.

Rekha is finding Poonam, Lakhan is sitting in his space, Rekha will come and ask in which is Poonam? Lakhan states i dont know, she sees wound in his hand and inquire the way it happened? with whome you fought? she claims I’ll deliver cream, Lakhan states will it recover my discomfort? she check with him to shut up, in which is Poonam? she doesnt treatment about you all, Lakhan inquire her to leave, she states i won’t leave, Poonam provides health care provider, Lakhan states i dont need to have it, Poonam suggests you bought wound by this corrosive scissor, it could be infectious, medical professional says she is correct, it can be corrosive, it might infect you, we will have to Slash your hand, Lakhan claims what did you say? run from listed here, medical professional leaves, Poonam suggests why dont you comprehend, Lakhan states I’ve deep wound in coronary heart in excess of this, do treatment method of that 1st, now leave from below, Poonam leaves, Lakhan request Rekha to leave, Rekha thinks i get scolded on account of Poonam every day, Poonam comes to health practitioner and states sorry on Lakhan’s behalf, health care provider says if septic boosts then we must Lower his hand as well, Poonam seems at Lakhan from significantly which is tensed, Poonam states i wont Enable it transpire, you prescribe some medication, medical doctor claims he can get rid of me for that, Poonam says he won’t do everything, write medication, he inquire arent you worried for yourself, Poonam suggests i only care about him at this time, he publish medication for Lakhan.

Phulan and Bhushan will come back again, Bindya sees this and calls Priyom, she states they have got appear, go and discuss with Phulan, dont Assume much, i am asking you to be king not to hold yourself, This really is your appropriate, Priyom states this is simply not the way in which to mention it, Bindya warns are you presently planning to discuss or shall i convey to reality to all? Priyom stops her, she states i understood you are going to listen to me as you treatment about Poonam over you, go, Priyom goes to speak to Phulan.

Scene two

Priyom concerns Phulan, Maya is there as well, Maya states I’ll deliver tea to suit your needs, Priyom claims no, he seems at Phulan that’s sitting down on king chair, he looks at Bindya who is standing in balcony, Phulan suggests I believe you wanna say one thing, I’m miffed along with you but as father I would like you to tell me almost everything, you’ll be able to say nearly anything as its your proper, Priyom thinks and states its practically nothing, i arrived here without the need of rationale, he sit in Phulan’s feet and suggests if my any act has damage you then forgive me, Phulan laughs and blesses him, Phulan question exactly where is Badi Amma? maya suggests she resting, Phulan says when she gets up, convey to her i wanna talk one thing vital, he leaves, Priyom looks at Bindya who is staring him, Bindya thinks that Priyom obtained bravery to talk but infront of father, his mouth couldnt open up, He’s worthless, i really need to do a little something, i will do this kind of act that Phulan will make my spouse heir. Bindya calls her Buddy and ask her to talk up, Phulan is going from right here, friend suggests to Bindya that your father in law has three sons, continue to He’s king, Bindya request what rubbish, she states all are stating that each one his sons are worthless thats why he remains to be king, Mitlaish cant handle his flirtatious mother nature and Piddi is rather smaller, she laughs, she says Priyom is still left, he is worthless as well? Bindya says dont you dare say everything about Priyom, Priyom is shadow of Phulan, friend request then why he doesnt make him king? Bindya states i want Phulan to Stay very long and be king, Good friend suggests Imagine if everything happens to Phulan, sons will fight and destroy each other for throne, Bindya states you communicate rubbish, she ends phone calls and finds Phulan and standing there, she touches his ft, Phulan leaves from there, Bindya states to Bhushan that my Buddy is mad, i wil break my friendship together with her, you cant halt men and women from uttering, Bhushan leaves way too, Bindya says my trick was wonderful but no reaction, how you can know that my video game influenced Phulan or not?

Scene 3

Poonam is on terrace, she thinks why Piddi didnt appear, REkha will come and question what you are accomplishing in this article? i have headache, bring tea for me, Poonam says i cant go any where, Rekha says you may say no to me now? Poonam suggests I’m concerned for Lakhan, did you hear what doctor explained, Rekha claims he said garbage, Piddi delivers medication, Poonam thanks him, he leaves, Poonam looks at Rekha, Rekha talk to what? Poonam claims only you can also make him eat these medicines, Rekha suggests you desire me to obtain scolded, Poonam states he will say bitter terms but if we dont give him medication then infection will increase, we have to make him eat it, Rekha says not me, you could make him try to eat it, you’re going to get very little scolded so what? you will get crushed but it will not likely have an impact on Considerably, you may have provided him wound so give him therapy also, Poonam leaves, Rekha states now every little thing is nice for me, if Lakhan eats medicine then my son will become good normally she can get scolded, It will likely be excellent.

Poonam comes to Lakhan’s room, Lakhan is scolding Dolt that why he didnt do work on offer? Dolt states you might have fever, allows go to hospital, Lakhan claims its almost nothing, depart, Dolt involves Poonam and says Lakhan is in undesirable mood, watch out, he leaves, Poonam thinks i have to use this drugs on his hand but how? Lakhan is conversing on mobile phone, Poonam delivers out drugs, she concerns Lakhan from driving and throws anti-septic lotion on his wound, he shouts That which you did? she says i slipped, Lakhan will get on get in touch with yet again and leaves, Poonam have sigh of relief and claims i used lotion, now i will give him medication by mixing in tea, he might be high-quality.

Bhushan inquire Phulan what you want to talk to Badi Amma? Phulan claims I believe its my time and energy to consider rest, Bhushan claims dont give thought to Bindya’s words and phrases, Phulan suggests its not about her talks, i was pondering to retire from numerous days, i choose to take rest, Bindya listens this and thinks my trick labored, now he should make my Priyom king.

PRECAP- Lakhan suggests to Poonam that i advised you a lot of time but still you utilized lotion on my wound, he reveals anit-septic lotion and check with her to consume it, she is stunned.

Written Update By Sahir


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