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Begusarai 13th August 2015 Written Episode Update

Scene one
Maya does aarti of Priyom and Bindya, Bindya kicks kalash, places toes in red drinking water and is available in Haveli, all appears to be on, Bindya eyes Haveli. Maya inquire Bindya to mark her finger prints on wall, Bindya thinks this is all mine and what’s mine I’ll snatch it, she marks her finger prints on wall and smirks.

Priyom and Bindya is available in lounge, Priyom nods Bindya to the touch feet of BAdi Amma, she touches her ft, Badi Amma blesses her to get married and possess superior existence, Bindya suggests a great deal of blessing in one go? now i will stay right here, Guddi inquire the way you are conversing with Badi Amma? Badi Amma inquire her to generally be silent, Bindya claims youthful must not chat concerning elders, Bindya goes to touch Rekha’s toes, Rekha hugs her and states I assumed you happen to be intelligent but whom you married? He’s like wind, you cant capture him, Bindya says who wants to tie him? if He’s wind then i will blow with him too, Rekha is stunned, Priyom says if almost everything is completed then i would like to go to my space, I’m fatigued, he retains Bindya’s hand and looks at Lakhan, Lakhan leaves, Priyom leaves with Bindya.

Lakhan is sitting down in space and Keeping gun, Poonam comes in and sees him like that, she receives tensed, Lakhan gets up, relates to her and states he proved that he has forgotten you and moved on in life, he has numerous ladies in everyday life, if not you then may be anybody else but for me it absolutely was just one Lady in my existence and it was you, Priyom proved that you’re not in his life, now You must show that he is not Component of your life, he is not inside your heart, whether or not he dies, it will not impact you, this game hasn’t completed but, he displays her two bullets and says these two bullets are for me and you also, You should confirm you are mine only, Poonam claims how again and again need to i tell you.. Lakhan claims You should provide proof of your respective innocence, You need to obtain way, he places gun in drawer and leaves, Poonam is tensed.

Scene 2

guddi says to Badi Amma that what is happening With this residence? Lakhan did a lot of versus us, Poonam betrayed us but nonetheless we brought them in our home and now this dancer Bindya, Priyom married her. you could have stopped her but you welcomed them, Badi amma claims you cant recognize some points, Maya suggests If priyom has taken this decision then there needs to be some rationale guiding it, Guddi says reason is Poonam, he was ditched by Poonam, he was indignant and married Bindya in anger, Badi Amma suggests there’s nothing involving Poonam and Priyom, cease blaming Poonam for almost everything, Guddi suggests you retain shouting on me and Allow Every person do what they want, she leaves, Maya says everyone knows how Bindya is, Choti Amma suggests before leaving begusarai, Bindya altered, she started off living respectful lifetime, Priyom may have married her viewing All of this, Badi Amma says i hope you might be correct but this relationship might be most important oversight of his life.

Priyom brings Bindya to his space, he leaves her hand, Bindya question why did you permit my hand? i listened that if once thakur retains hand then doesnt leave it, Priyom sys I’m tired, i will choose tub, bindya closes doorway, he says you’ll be able to snooze If you’d like, she claims I’m not sleepy, Priyom goes to just take bathtub, Bindya says i cant sleep until i dont satisfy my dream, Priyom did excellent by bringing me in this article as this Haveli is my location, flashbacks demonstrates a family in exact same Haveli, mom question her daughter(Bindya) to consume anything, she ask her partner the place is daughter, he hides her and sys to his daughter which you can hide anywhere in this Haveli, its really big and I’ve made it to suit your needs, daughter goes to hide in space which happens to be now Priyom’s home, fb ends, Bindya is in tears, she claims I’m still enjoying that conceal and seek activity, flashback reveals Bindya’s mom crying and stating to her that this Haveli was ours but this Manjeeta and Phulan thakur snatched it from us, they have killed your father and left us on highway to beg, i couldnt gain in your case and left you in dance bar, the Lady who used to roam in Haveli now must dance infront of individuals to make, Bindya claims I need my haveli back again, in the future I’ll acquire that Haveli again from that Phulan, mom suggests its challenging to get above him, his electric power is his family, you have to crack his family members, you have make brothers fight for all times, fb ends, Bindya suggests identical will occur, these brothers will complete fighting with one another and I’ll snatch my Haveli, now activity will start off.

Priyom is leaving when Poonam comes there, Priyom tries to go away but Poonam stops him and ask whats All of this? he request what? she says you know very well what I’m asking, you bought only Bindya to marry, Priyom says whats Mistaken in her? Poonam states she’s a.. Priyom states initial thing she’s my wife now so dont say anything at all versus her and Next you haven’t any correct to dilemma, any person can perform anything so why cant i, Poonam suggests it is possible to marry, I’m content you are transferring on but Bindya? Priyom suggests i love her, Poonam claims lie, for those who cherished her then i would’ve recognised it, Priyom suggests even i didnt recognize that you.. Lakhan.. he stops, he sas This really is my existence, allow me to Dwell and you’ll live your life, Poonam says i was considering in case you took Incorrect step or Improper associate in hurry, Priyom leaves, Bindya listens all this standing on balcony, Poonam turns to uncover her staring angrily at her.

PRECAP- Bindya states to Poonam that you choose to probably his lover in past but now I’m his wife, Any more if you are doing nearly anything in opposition to me then you’ll need to purchase it and become away from my spouse, Poonam angrily leaves, Bindya smirks.

Written Update By Sahir


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