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Begusarai 10th June 2016 Written Update

Scene 1
Bindya comes home,she asks manager to call all sons to her room.Adarsh comes home, Amar asks him to come inside, Maa has called us, Adarsh thinks that seems like she got to know about me and Bhavna.
Bindya shows Bhavna’s picture to brothers and says i have got contract of 1crore to kill her, shakti says whats the need to kill someone? Maa says have you changed after marriage? Shakti says nothing like that.Adarsh comes there, Bindya shows him Bhavna’s picture and says i have got contract to kill her, Adarsh thinks thats why goons were behind her, he asks Bindya who gave this contract, she says its not needed, we are getting money and she must have done something wrong, Adarsh says no, she didnt do anything, i mean to say we should check before killing her if she did something wrong or not, Ananya thinks that i have to check photo, Bindya says to Adarsh that it doesnt matter, we will just kill her, Badi Amma thinks that Bindya is throwing them in crime world. Ananya comes there and sees Bhavna’s photo, Bindya says Shakti will do work, Ananya thinks that Bindya has got contract to kill Bhavna, Bindya scolds Ananya for coming in meeting, Ananya says i brought medicine for you, she gives it and leaves, Adarsh takes photo from Shakti and says i will do this work, bindya says good, finish her.
Adarsh is in his room and tensed. Ananya comes there with milk, Ananya says i saw a bad dream,i saw you running away with a girl and you were shot dead, i dont want anything to happen to you, Adarsh says dont worry, nothing will happen. Ananya thinks that i have to talk to him. Ananya says i have to worry about you, as we are husband and wife even if its for namesake. Adarshs says tell clearly,Ananya says from the time you have got killing contract,you are tensed,it seems like you dont want to kill stranger, Adarsh says i dont need your advise, Ananya says i know you respect women alot,i wish i could meet that girl and tell her to hide somewhere so that you and Maa Thakurain doesnt find her and you dont have to go against maa, Adarsh says its not easy to get save from Maa, Ananya says when your love is with you then you g4et courage to fight,if that girl is innocent then i pray that she gets saved,Adarsh says you want me to deny my mother’s order? Ananya says when person have someone’s ‘s love in life then they get courage to fight even the biggest wars, love can give you faith and strength to solve and face everything together, if you ever need me then do tell me and i am saying this as your friend, she leaves, Adarsh is stunned her soft side towards him.

Ananya is going,Shakti comes to her and asks where are you coming from?Ananya says i am going to my room.Shakti sees Garv at distance and says to Ananya that you are coming from Adarsh’s room and going to Garv’s room? Ananya says what you are trying to say?Shakti says to ananya that dont act innocent infront of me, i know your real identity, ananya says thanks for reminding me, i have forgotten my identity, i just remember the identity which you have given me, i am wife of 5husbands, i am following my mother in law’s order, i have to take milk for my other husbands, she starts leaving but Shakti holds her saree pallu, Ananya turns and glares at him.

PRECAP- Adarsh comes to Bhavna in godown and says we have to leave from here asap. Shakti comes there, Adarsh has veil on his face,Ananya sees all this and says i have to save them. she comes in godown, Adarsh and Bhavna runs from there, Shakti points gun at Ananya’s head, Ananya has back towards Shakti,Shakti says Bhavna your game is finished.

Written Update by Atiba

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