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Begusarai 10th August 2015 Written Episode Update

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Rekha produces tea intended for Badi Amma, your lover says i will initial look at the method that you built this particular, Rekha question exactly why you might be getting irritated about me personally? Badi Amma says we are irritated in the event that tea is just not fine, your lover drinks tea and also says excellent, your lover shows the woman’s 1000rs take note and also says sustain excellent work, i will provide that within morning, your lover question would people provide breakfast every day in order to people? Rekha says my DIL Poonam can be giving, Badi Amma says you might be fortuitous which your lover your DIL.

Lakhan can be about call up, placing conference, Rekha bangs directly into your ex, Lakhan scolds the woman’s that you simply spilled tea about me personally, Rekha says we has been getting that in your case, Lakhan says i’m already delayed therefore you.. he goes toward transform, Rekha confirms Priyom standing on patio, Rekha gets thought and also says now explosive device may maximise.

Bhushan question Phulan what direction to go having Lakhan? Phulan says Badi Amma may cope with your ex, have faith in the woman’s, ladies handle house.

Rekha comes to Poonam and ask exactly where do you think you’re going? your lover says going to provide tea in order to Phulan, Rekha says they may be about patio, move, Poonam goes, Rekha says i’ve planned and planted explosive device, now i need to come across my go with stick to maximise that, exactly where can be Lakhan?

Poonam happens patio, doesnt come across and also begins in order to abandon, Priyom telephone calls Poonam, your lover prevents, he comes to the woman’s and also says for those who have produced tea and then provide that, he requires just one mug by rack.

Rekha comes to Lakhan, Lakhan can be about call up, Rekha concludes call up, he question perhaps you have absent mad? we has been placing ending up in builder, Rekha says your ladies can be maligning your esteem therefore you are planning on business, he question the definition of people expressing? your lover says have me personally, your lover produces your ex about patio, Poonam and also Priyom are usually conversing at this time there, he is surprised experiencing these people by a lot. Priyom question Poonam exactly why Lakhan has been doing all of this? Rekha says in order to Lakhan they’ve simply no shame, they may be conference including long lost lovers. Priyom says in order to Poonam which exactly where living can be getting people? Poonam says i am going to my vacation spot and also i’ve belief which before long i will pacify Lakhan and definately will take away his uncertainty that i nonetheless appreciate people.. Rekha says in order to Lakhan which your lover nonetheless appreciate your ex which your lover doesnt forget your ex even after union, Lakhan goes toward stop these people yet Rekha prevents your ex and also says see how significantly a lot your lover can easily move, focus on me personally when, view the woman’s. Priyom says i always needed to view people content yet unintentionally i’m growing to be reason behind your despair, what direction to go? Poonam says maintain happy and also every little thing can be fine, i need to abandon now, your lover huge smiles and also turns in order to abandon yet the woman’s saree Pallu gets jammed within pillar, Lakhan doesnt view pillar and also thinks Priyom can be positioning the woman’s Pallu, Poonam question Priyom in order to abandon the woman’s pallu, your lover turns to discover that jammed within pillar, Priyom removes that and is positioning the woman’s pallu, Poonam gives eyelock having your ex, Priyom leaves that, and also goes by at this time there, Lakhan can be fuming within wrath, Poonam turns to get Lakhan positioned at this time there, she is surprised,

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Lakhan boils down, Poonam happens driving your ex, he is available in kitchen area, Poonam says you might be considering inappropriate, my pallu has been jammed within pillar, he just helped me personally, Lakhan produces Poonam within hall, sets diesel about themselves and also Poonam, each are surprised, Phulan question your ex to quit yet he doesnt, Lakhan shouts in order to shut in place, he says no one will come inbetween all of us, he brings out gun, Poonam whines and also says focus on me personally, you might be wrongly diagnosed, Lakhan presents the woman’s go with container and ask the woman’s in order to burn that, Poonam says simply no, he question the woman’s in order to burn that, your lover says simply no, he requires that by the woman’s and also begins in order to burn that, that doesnt burn, Priyom happens at this time there and ask Lakhan to quit that, Lakhan says i will certainly not stop, go with stick uses up, Lakhan contains Poonam, each are stunned… everthing happens to be Poonam’s curiosity, they may be nonetheless about patio, Poonam question Lakhan to listen the woman’s when, Lakhan leaves by at this time there, Poonam goes driving your ex, Rekha says my explosive device didnt maximise, just about all my plans are usually declining, possibly Poonam has been doing secret about Lakhan, i need to imagine a thing before long.

Lakhan can be departing, Poonam question your ex to listen when, Lakhan sit down within offroad and also leaves by at this time there, Poonam whines and also thinks atleast provide me personally possibility to make clear, what direction to go, your lover turns to search internal and also strikes having guddi who is about call up having Dolt, Poonam question do you think you’re conversing having dolt? Guddi says exactly why will i speak to your ex? do you think you’re spying about me personally? Poonam says people accustomed to explain to me personally every little thing, Guddi says moment can be improved, Poonam says i’m your bhabhi now, Guddi says you might be on this house and not inside my coronary heart, become far from me personally, your lover leaves, Poonam get involved crying, Vimla considers the woman’s by the woman’s house and also gets tensed to be with her, Poonam looks straight down.

Poonam is available in Vimla’s house, Vimla says i’ve built desserts, eat, Poonam recalls Lakhan’s ill managing and also doesnt that, Vimla says i should certainly not question your own living yet i’m not satisfied, can be every little thing fine? Poonam hugs the woman’s and also whines, Vimla says i’m your friend, give me personally, Poonam says we told Lakhan about nuptial night that i cherished Priyom yet we told your ex that she has been my prior and also my present should be only my hubby yet Lakhan doesnt realize me personally and also wants to damage Priyom including he is damage that is exactly why she has produced me personally within Haveli, steps to make your ex realize, today a . m . we has been giving tea in order to Priyom and also my saree Pallu acquired jammed within pillar and also Lakhan idea Priyom has been.. he acquired upset and also eventually left, the way to take away his uncertainty? Vimla says uncertainty can easily end in a couple approaches, both verify which uncertainty right or perhaps become consequently straightforward which uncertainty can not stand stand infront than it, i believe Lakhan’s uncertainty may finish also and also he’s going to appreciate people, Poonam is decided.

PRECAP- Lakhan strangles Poonam by simply positioning the woman’s fretboard and also says you might be liar ladies who usually lie if you ask me, Priyom happens and also shoves Lakhan apart, he says perhaps you have absent mad, he punches Lakhan, Poonam gets irritated about Priyom and also slaps your ex tricky, Priyom can be surprised.

Written Update By Sahir


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