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Bigg Boss Season 9 27th December 2015 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 9

Eviction Special
Salman comes on stage, he welcomes everyone in Bigg boss. Salman says we talked about sidechick and sidekick, lets see what happened after that.
Clip plays, Nora says to Gizele that you should have come and asked me if i said sidekick or sidechick, Gizele says Priya cleared me that you called me sidechick, Nora says it was confusing, you should have cleared it, Gizele says i say sorry if i pass any comment but you have ego, Nora says i just called you sidekick as you are partner in crime, Gizele says i felt bad, Gizele says you copy 7 people of cool group then how can you say that? Nora says you passed comment that you will break my back, Gizele says i said it when you called me back dancer, Nora says next time just wait when i am talking to you, Gizele says next time you just call me sidekick then i will see you.
Gizele says to Nora that i didnt pass any comment on your relationship but why you are passing comments on me? Prince says did we say that we are in relationship, why you are dragging us in all this? should i pair you with Rishab? Gizele says you have already done that, Nora says i cant stoop to your level, Gizele ask her shut up and mimic Nora funnily, Nora says you are disrespectful girl, Gizele says yes as if i am looking for fake relationships to be in game, Prince says you are seen with Rishab too, dont go to anyone’s respect, Gizele says she called me disrespectful, Gizele ask Nora to get lost, Nora says dont say anything about me and Prince and dont comment about my dance, i am performer, actress, dancer, Gizele says you are sidekick too, you are desperate to make fake relationship, Nora says this is your opinion and dont talk about my dancing, Rishab says you called her side dancer and Gizele, Nora says bye.

Salman saysb they made such a big issue out of a mole, lets go in house. video call is connected to house, Inmates starts dancing on Jalwa, they then dance on Selfie le le re, inmates hug each other and dance, Rishab stands on sofa and dances, Salman thanks them after dance, they wish him birthday. Salman says i liked it alot, why did you work so hard for this? Kishwar says we love you, Mandana says you have done so much for us so it was must, Salman ask them to go in activity room, Kishwar ask if he is coming? Salman says you all go first.
Inmates come in activity area, Kishwar says if this is a party of punishment? Salman is connected to them via video call, Salman says there is party and punishment both, you have to choose to party or punishment by hitting them. There are boxes placed in zigzag manner over each other, there are some boxes on which party is written and other boxes have punishment, Salman says Punishment boxes are empty, i will give you punishment by reading through cue card. Salman ask Nora to come forward, she says i wanna choose party for kishwar, Salman says there is always party for Kishwar, all laugh, Nora throws ball on boxes and it hits punishment box, everyone laughs, Kishwar jokes that i will see Nora after episode, Salman reads punishment that Kishwar have to become servant of Mandana, Kishwar and Mandana laughs, Kishwar says i will make coffee for you, Mandana gives her high five. Suyyash comes forward, Kishwar says it should hit party box as your 11 year of cricket is on stake, Salman laughs, Suyyash hits party box for Prince, he reads that Prince will get chance to have romantic dance with Salman Khan, Prince hugs him in happiness, Kishwar says i wanted that, Salman says Princfe is happy to get romantic dance chance with me, he doesnt know that i cancel it too, Salman says to Prince that you cant transfer this opportunity to any girl of house as its romantic dance, Nora points at herself, Prince chooses Kishwar, Kishwar hugs him, Kishwar says i will hit punishment only so i choose it for suyyash, she hits punishment box and laughs, Suyyash ask if she is sure to be happy at this? she says yes, all laugh, Salman says his punishment is that he is sacrificing goat, that means if anyone does breaks any rule then Suyyash will be punished for That, Priya says thats very good idea, Suyyash says i have broken least rules. Priya comes forward and says i wanna choose punishment for Rishab, she hits punishment box, Salman says Rishab’s punishment is that he has to become umbrella man, means he has to hold umbrella of one inmates when she is in garden or goes to washroom, Priya says i know he would want to become Nora’s umbrella man, Salman says he is Nora’s umbrella man only, Rishab side hugs Nora and says bye to Priya, Priya says this is not punishment but party for him, Salman talks in Rochelle’s tone to tease her, Rochelle says i wanna give Mandana party as she is crying from two days as no one came to meet her, she says i am sorry if i hit punishment box, she hits punishment box only, Salman says her mind was to give her punishment only, all laugh, Salman says Mandana’s punishment is that she has to clean garden area till next order of Bigg boss, he laughs, he says good work Rochelle, Rochelle is embarrassed. Keith says i wanna give Prince party, he hits punishment, Salman says this is going to be difficult for Prince, for 48hours, he cant kiss any girl, all laugh at this, Salman ask Rishab to take advantage of it, Rishab says dont worry and kisses Nora on cheeks, Salman ask them to go in living area.

Inmates come in living area, Salman says there are costumes in store room, you have to mutually decide who deserve what costume, Gizele is moderator of this task and her decision will be final.
Salman says lets surprise and shock them.

Mandana is given devil’s dress, Rishab wears devil’s dress too. Salman comes in house, Mandana hugs him, Happy birthday song plays, everyone hugs Salman and dances around Salman, Jallad/devil has come too as santa clause and leaves gift bag, Bigg boss welcomes Salman and wishes him birthday.
Salman says to inmates that you have to come on ramp and tell you are dash for inmates because you are dash.. Rishab comes on Ramp, he says i am devil and devil doesnt come himself, you all call him, too much fun, you are behind devil and devil is behind you. Priya says i am witch for inmates but i am rich from heart. Kishwar comes and says there are two devils in house Mandana and Rishab and witch is needed for them which i am, she leaves. Prince comes in clown dress, he says its easy to be bad but i am nice and want to win hearts and good can kill evil only, he hugs Salman. Mandana comes and says i am devil because i like blood, she says Kishwar.. she wears fake teeth and acts like biting Kishwar, Salman jokes that you dont need long teeth to bite, they laugh. Keith comes in santa clause dress, he says there is so much filth in this house that witches and devils need santa which i am, Salman says santa comes one day only, he laughs. Rochelle comes and says i am angel of this house as goodness is needed all these fights, dont forget God is watching everything, Salman says to Keith that you have affair with a child, arent you ashamed? they laugh.
Bigg boss says to Salman that you have always given tasks to inmates when you came in but today we will give you task, we have sent some gifts for you but you have to find them, Bigg boss says your first gift is in area where some inmates were hiding as feared cats in murder mystery task, all say washroom area. they come in bathroom area to find friends cap for Salman as gift, Bigg boss says your other gift is where we do planning and plotting. Salman comes first floor lounge, there is collage of his photos, Bigg boss says your third gift is where big decisions are taken and also class of inmates. Salman comes in confession room, he has sent board for sketching, Bigg boss says as your last gift we will show you something, Bigg boss says some hosts just do shows but some hosts just live the show and they become life of show and Salman is one of them, his video plays, how he jokes with side dancers, how he joked with inmates of BB9, his humor, his teasing to inmates shown, how he danced with SRK, how he kissed Varun, how deepika proposed him, happy Birthday Salman is shown, then his dancing with guests is shown, after video, Bigg boss says its time for your last gift, you will get in store room, they come in store room to find cake there, Salman cuts cake, everyone feeds him, inmates give him card, Salman says i will never forget this.. do you really think so? all laugh.
Salman says have to seen Andaaz apna apna? Suyyash says some lines of that movie. Salman says on serious note, MANDANA, SUYYASH and GIZELE are nominated, he ask who doesnt deserve to be in house? Suyyash says me or Mandana is going, Prince says Suyyash or Mandana, Nora says Suyyash will be eliminated, Rishab says Mandana, Kishwar says i will take Suyyash’s name as whenever i take his name, he doesnt go, rochelle says Mandana or Suyyash, Priya says Mandana, Keith says Mandana, Gizele says maybe its me, Mandana says its either me or Mandana. Salman points at Gizele, all are shocked, Salman says GIZELE IS EVICTED, Gizele hugs Rishab and meets everyone, Kishwar says to Salman that take Mandana, Salman says to Mandana that you are going well in house and your boyfriend is going well outside too, all laugh, Salman makes sketch of Jesus, everyone claps for him, everyone meets Gizele, Salman says Gizele will be given big bomb, he ask Gizele to take name of one person who will outside bedroom till end of show, Gizele says i think it will be better for Prince to sleep outside, he can do it, Salman says Prince will sleep outside bedroom, Salman wishes happy new year, Salman says may you all have best new year, Salman leaves with Gizele.

Salman comes on stage, he says Gizele got least votes so we have said bye to her lips, now there will be double trouble room situation, Priya, Kishwar and Rochelle will go there and it will affect nominations of whole house, they can nominate whole house, Salman says lets see fight.

Clip plays, Priya says to Rishab that coming weeks are crucial, Rishab says we can become ruthless, we have to be, Priya says i have soft corner for Keith and Kishwar.
Kishwar says to Rochelle that Suyyash didnt go so Rishab is pissed, he wanted you or suyyash to leave, Rochelle says why he is like this? Kishwar says he just want to show that we cant play alone.
Priya says to Rishab that me, you and Mandana will be nominated, Rishab says we have that pressure, Priya says one from each couple should leave to make them alone.
Kishwar says we will have to nominate each other, if 5 are nominated then we will have to nominated each other, Suyyash says Rishab and Priya are afraid, Kishwar says we are in 11th week, its unbelievable.

Mandana comes in store room and says Bigg boss has sent every stuff back, there is note that its from Salman, Mandana, Kishwar thanks Salman. Rishab thanks bigg boss for giving his jacket in charity.

Prince wear’s Salman’s friend cap, Mandana says dont touch it, i dont like when someone takes my stuff without my permission, i never do this with anyone, do not touch, Priya says Rishab’s medicines were taken by Mandana without his permission, Mandana gets angry on her and breaks her devil’s horns, she is stunned, she says ****, if you want fight then do it, Priya says this is violence, Mandana says it is, what you can do? Priya says why did you break it? Mandana says it was between me and Prince or Rishab, why did you come in? she shouts at Priya and abuses her, Priya says you have bad breath, did you brush your teeth? Mandana comes to Rishab and says from where i took your things? Rishab says its fine, Priya brings Mandana’s long fake teeth and ask her to take it, Mandana snatches it from her, Priya says what the f**k is this? why are you touching me? Mandana says i took my teeth, Priya says if i snatch something from you then? Rishab says to Mandana what is she doing? Priya says you pass racist’s comments, Mandana says i can throw things at your face, Priya says just dare to touch me, Mandana throws fake teeth at her, Priya says she is throwing things at me, Keith says to Mandana that you are wrong, Priya says to Bigg boss that she is throwing things at me, she ask Mandana if she has gone mad? Keith says she cant become violent?
Mandana comes bedroom, Rishab says what is this way? why you broke her devil horns? Priya comes and messes up her personal stuff, Rishab says Mandana has started it, he ask Bigg boss to call them, Priya says if Mandana touches me then i will throw her stuff, she says to Mandana that dont try to be violent with me, Mandana ask her to get lost, Priya says she is throwing things at me still i threw her things on floor, Priya says bigg boss says this is not way, Mandana says get lost, Rishab says to Mandana that you get lost.. he says you are *****, Keith ask Rishab to calm down, two girls are fighting but it will come on him like suyyash last time, Rishab says let it be, he says to Mandana that you just touch Priya then i will see you, Priya tries to calm Rishab, she backs off rishab, and says i will handle it, Rishab says violence will not be accepted, Priya says to Mandana that you should be ashamed, if someone raises hand on me then i wil not raise hand back as i cant do that, she is worst person in house, i dont want to be in house if this is the way to play game here, Kishwar says but if Mandana does something same with other person and he or she cant control it and slaps her back then what? that person will be in problem then, Priya says your family didnt come to meet you but this is Karma, i came to console you even if you didnt say sorry for that racist comment, Mandana says get lost, Keith says all inmates think that you did violence, why did you do it? Mandana says i tried to avoid Priya for 2weeks, i cant tolerate her, if she is going to talk like this then she will get same reaction, Keith says you can say her anything but dont raise hand, Priya says i will speak in this tone only, Mandana says look at your ugly face, Priya says your face maybe beautiful but your personality is disgusting and i will keep talking like that, Rochelle says you didnt do right Mandana, Mandana says when i washing dishes otherday, she came and threw utensils on floor, she shouts at Keith did he see it? Keith shouts back at her that dont shout at him and secondly she wasnt violent with you, she messed up with utensils only, you threw thing at her, she ask Mandana to not shout at him, talk with him politely, Mandana politely tells that i will say sorry to everyone when right times come, Priya says i will annoy you, i will keep shouting in your eyes, i will shout from start of morning but will not raise voice, Mandana says i will say sorry if Salman wil say that i did wrong, Rochelle says we cant wait till saturday for this, Rochelle says even we are not affected by Salman’s talk, we know reality too, Keith says lets finish things, such boycott her and dont give her any household work, dont talk to her at all.

Suyyash comes in store room and says to Mandana that you wil not get your stuff back for what you did rightnow, till bigg boss not take action against you, Mandana says but this is not fair, i didnt do anything with you, Suyyash says i am captain of house, you have done violence, Mandana says you are not allowed to do this, suyyash says i am captain and i am doing this, i am ready to face consequences, Mandana says to Bigg boss that i will not change my mike as captain is holding my things back, new mike has come for me but i will not wear it til you dont call me and Suyyash and confession room and talk to us as i think its not captain’s duty to hold back my things for violence i did, Kishwar comes and says she is back to old Mandana.

Rochelle says to Mandana that if you broke rules then suyyash can take action against you, violence is breaking rules and you also talked in english, Mandana says i will talk to bigg boss, suyyash say you can talk to colors head, Kishwar says we have taken our decision, Mandana says eat your food, suyyash says dont tell us what we have to do, Priya says to Mandana that we feel unsafe around you as you can throw anything at anyone, what you did with me, you can do with anyone else, if you had glass in your hands then you would have thrown that at me, Mandana says you can think what you want, i have such effect on you that you did this with me, Kishwar says i am witch one and Priya is witch two, Mandana says atleast house has one real devil, suyyash says when you will have standard then become devil, look at your face, its pale, you will become devil? Rishab says just get lost, all says get out, Suyyash says i will talk to you when you will come out of house.

Salman says this was Tu tu mein mein, keep seeing bigg boss, he signs off from show.
Moment of day- Salman cutting cake with inmates.

PRECAP- Priya, Rochelle and Kishwar are in double trouble room, if three of them press the button then all inmates other than them will be eliminated. Later suyyash says to inmates that i wanna give Mandana her suitcase back as if she wanna regret then she will herself, Kishwar says she gives pain to others then let her get pained little too, Suyyash says even if i give her bag, whats the guarantee that she will become fine? Rochelle says giving her bags back is encouragement for her, Keith shouts that i am encouraging her? she says yes, Prince says to Rochelle what when Mandana kicked Kishwar where were you to say that it was wrong and its violence? he has argument with Rochelle. Priya says to Mandana that you still think that Salman will tell you on saturday that you are right?

Written Update By Atiba


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