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Balika Vadhu 9th September 2015 Written Episode Update

The Episode commences with Pushkar attempting to cheer up Nimboli and he or she will get worried. Kamli asks her not to be scared. Pushkar will get unfortunate. Kamli goes to him and says Nimboli is worried now. She asks him not to touch her. Pushkar states all right. Kamli hugs Nimboli once again and asks her not to fret. Pushkar will come there indisguise of a joker rise up and claims my work should be to make you chuckle. He delivers balloons and asks her to get it. He dances over the tune Bum Bum bole and can make Nimboli laughs. Ganga tells Anandi that they’re going to Jaipur for any meeting. Anandi says she’ll deal with a little something for Shivam. Nidhi will come and asks for Shivam. She states she introduced some thing for him and provides sweets. Shivam gets content and thanks her. Anandi asks him not to action away from Shiv Niketan until finally she arrives again. Nidhi asks do you think you’re likely somewhere? Anandi says she has to choose Sarita for children’s scholarship. Nidhi suggests she’ll take care of Shivam.

Mannu dreams plus a flashback is proven. Mannu asks Pooja to provide tea for him. Pooja arrives and claims she was not idle. His kid demands for your chocolate. Mannu wakes up and thinks this dream will be reality in some days. He thinks This will’t occur. Disa arrives and asks Akhiraj to sit as she wants to talk to everyone. She tells she gave a knife to Nimboli some days prior to, and asks her to utilize it when another person attacks her. She states as she has lost it, I’m giving her major knife which she will preserve constantly and asks her to help keep it overtly to make sure that junglee animal Consider persistently in advance of attacking her. She trains her to consider out the knife speedy. Kundan, Akhiraj and Harki are shocked. Kamli asks Akhiraj to not be reluctant to make use of the knife Any time anyone misbehaves with her. Disa states I am accomplished now and goes. Kundan gets offended. Akhiraj says my blood is boiling, but We’ve got to keep silent for now. He suggests Disa is massive Dacoit and claims Kamli is provoking her. He thinks of an concept to problems Kamli.

Pooja phone calls Mannu. Mannu receives angry and disconnects the decision over and over. He then switches off the phone. Pooja thinks it can be Weird. Disa tells I gave you knife to scare Kundan, and asks her not to work with it, else police will arrest her. She asks about Akhiraj’s doings. Disa says your ears are rapid. She asks what did you consume very last week. Nimboli recollects and tells her. Disa thinks to divert her brain.

Pushkar and Kamli arrive at the industry and buy bangles. The store keeper accuses Pushkar for thieving his stuff. Pushkar pushes him. The man asks Other people to carry him as he is thief. They catches him and asks what did he steal? Pushkar states I didn’t steal nearly anything and I’ll conquer you. The person in conjunction with Many others defeat him (Akhiraj planned this in opposition to Kamli and Pushkar).

Pushkar and Kamli come to the industry and buy bangles. The shop keeper accuses Pushkar for stealing his stuff. Pushkar pushes him. The man asks Other individuals to carry him as he is thief. They catches him and asks what did he steal? Pushkar states I didn’t steal anything at all and I’ll beat you. The man in conjunction with Other folks beat him (Akhiraj prepared this versus Kamli and Pushkar). Kamli pleads them to depart her husband and afterwards addresses to save lots of him. The goons defeat equally of these badly. Someone arrives and beats the goons. He’s none apart from Akhiraj. Kamli is stunned to check out him. Akhiraj asks how dare you conquer my daughter.

Akhiraj thanks the shop owner and tells no one can believe even in their dream that I was bbehind this incident. Kamli hears him and is shocked. Akhiraj says it was good that you heard, I was fed up of acting.

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