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Balika Vadhu 8th March 2016 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu watch online

The Episode starts with Mangla praying to God to do some miracle so that haveli people leave Nimboli for forever. She thinks to keeps the books and things away from Nimboli. Just then she gets Dadisaa’s call and she asks her about Nimboli. Mangla says Nimboli is happy here. Dadisaa tells her that she watched Anand’s Maharaj programme on TV, says he talks good things. She suggests her to meet him once. Mangla says I will go for sure. Dadisaa and Anandi smiles. Akhiraj gives the pravachan while Deenu gives prasad to his bhakts. Akhiraj sees Kamli, Pushkar and Mangla coming there. Akhiraj looks at them angrily. Deenu gives jal/water to them as well. They drink it thinking it is prasad. Pushkar tells kamli that it is smelling as our well water. Deenu and Akhiraj are shocked. Deenu says it is brought from himalayas and asks him to drink it. Pushkar drinks it. Akhiraj calls Mangla infront and tells about her past life. He says you have suffered enough and asks her to have apple on empty stomach.

Mangla bends down. Akhiraj keeps his hand on her head and presses it. He asks her to remove fear from her heart and says your problems will be solved here, very soon. Mangla stands up and folds her hand. Akhiraj signs Deenu to send Kamli and Pushkar to the front. Kamli tells Akhiraj that Pushkar is her husband. Akhiraj says he is just a kid and thinks to poison Kamli’s mind. He says your husband’s childishness will never end, and asks her to stop struggling to make him fine. Kamli says he has shown improvement. Akhiraj says your life will go waste seeing your husband like this. He says this man will never become alright, never. Kamli nods no and asks Pushkar to come. They leave. Akhiraj smiles.

Mangla picks the apple given by Akhiraj and thinks to eat Babaji’s prasad. She asks if her problems will be solved. Just then someone knocks on the door. Mangla opens the door and finds Akhiraj, Dadisaa and Shivam standing. Dadisaa asks won’t you call us inside. Mangla gets tensed and thinks what to do? Anandi asks how are you? Mangla says I am fine and says I would have packed Nimboli’s stuff if you told me before. Shivam says we will take her home. Anandi says we have just came to meet her, and says they came to Jhalra to meet Anand Maharaj. Shivam asks where is Nimboli? Mangla says she went to meet her friend Pampo. Shivam looks upset. Mangla tells Anandi that she shouldn’t have bring Shivam here. Dadisaa asks her not to worry and says Shivam will not tell anything.

Nimboli comes with kamli and pushkar. Shivam gets happy seeing her. Nimboli happily hugs Dadisaa and Anandi. Anandi says we came but you was not here. Nimboli says she went to market with Kamli and Pushkar. Anandi is shocked at Mangla’s lie. Mangla says I thought you are at Pampo’s house. Shivam asks how are you Nimboli, and hugs her. Nimboli is surprised at his behavior. She asks if you are pulling my leg? shivam says no, never, and says I brought many gifts for you, on behalf of Mannu and Abhi also. Nimboli gets happy and thanks them. Shivam asks her to come and thank them personally. Nimboli says I miss Jaitsar too. Shivam asks her to open the gifts and check. Nimboli wonders which gift to open? Nimboli opens the gifts and gets happy. Mangla is annoyed. Kamli thinks why did Mangla lie to me about haveli people.

Kundan and Harki comes home. Kundan asks why did you come here? are you all celebrating for my dad’s death. Pushkar shouts kundan. Harki takes him inside. Nimboli asks Shivam to come and says I will show you my house. Mangla asks her to let Shivam rest for while. Dadisaa asks them to go. Mangla thinks Dadisaa wants Shivam to tell her everything. Kamli tells them that Anand Maharaj said that pushkar can’t be fine. Anandi asks her not to lose hope and meet Jagya once. Dadisaa says strength can change destiny. Kamli says okay. Mangla looks upset.

Anandi tells Kamli that they will go to meet Baba and asks for the way. Harki thinks to alert him and goes there. Akhiraj is shocked to see Anandi, Dadisaa, Shivam and Nimboli there. Anandi looks at his eyes. Dr. Anant asks Kamli about Nimboli. kamli says she is fine and says Nimboli couldn’t stay with haveli people. Dr. Anant asks what you are saying and says haveli people have made her feel special and have accepted her, then why Mangla is thinking wrongly about them.

Written Update By H Hasan


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