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Balika Vadhu 7th April 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Anandi talking to someone and says Nimboli is getting normal now. She sees Nimboli sad, and asks why you are sitting sadly? Are you missing Mangla ji. Nandini says I don’t want to remember her, but can’t stop from remembering her. Anandi says nobody can stop memories. She asks do you remember when she used to get happy….Nandini says she used to get happy when I laugh, be happy and do something. Anandi asks her to be happy to make Disa happy. Shivam comes there. Nandini says I promise that I will do as you said. Shivam asks her to promise him that she will join Shiv Niketan again. Nandini promises. Shivam says I will keep your books in bag. Nandini says I will explain you how to keep the books. Shivam and Anandi smiles. Anandi asks Shivam to get ready for school. Shivam smiles.

Dadisaa tells Nimboli that breakfast is done, and asks what she would like to do now. Anandi says she has decided to go school from tomorrow. Dadisaa says so today she is free, and says we will watch the puppet show. Nandini asks where? Dadisaa claps and asks Dr. Anant and Nidhi to start dance. They see the puppet show. Nandini gets happy and laughs. Jagya, Anandi and Ganga also smiles. Dr. Anant and Nidhi comes there. Nidhi says we have finally done this, and says Nandini have smiled finally. She says you are the best Papa in the world. Nimboli says you have done this for me and asks will you become my bapusaa. Dr. Anant is shocked. He says I am getting late, have to drop Nidhi to school. Anandi goes to her room. Dadisaa gets an idea and smiles.

Nidhi and Dr. Anant are in the car. Nidhi says you loves Anandi and asks why you are refusing for marriage when Nimboli said. Jagya talks to Dadisaa and says we shall convince Anandi for marriage. Dadisaa says no, she will not agree. Nidhi says she will become luckiest girl if Anandi becomes her mother. Jagya tells Dadisaa that you had convinced Anandi to marry Shiv before. Dadisaa says that time she was single and not have any kids. Now she has Shiv Niketan and kids responsibility. Jagya insists. Dadisaa says I will talk to her. Ganga also says the same. Anandi is in her room and thinks about Anant. Anant is in car and smiles recalling Nimboli’s words.

Akhiraj meets the people. A man comes there and asks him to help him get his wife. He says Anandi kept his wife Kavita in Shiv Niketan and asks him to do something. Akhiraj says I will do something. Akhiraj thinks destiny will not support you this time. Jagya, Ganga and Dadisaa discuss about Anandi’s marriage. Nimboli comes running and calls Anandi. She asks where are you going? Anandi says I am going to Jaipur, but will bring toys and books for you. Nimboli gets happy. Anandi tells Dadisaa that she is going. Dadisaa says I have to talk something important. Anandi says we will talk later. Jagya says okay. She leaves. Jagya says Dr. Anant should be here when Anandi returns home, then we will see.

Akhiraj tells his devotees that his devotee was separated from his wife by Anandi Shekhar. Everyone starts gossiping. Akhiraj says this man have done a mistake, by letting her do this and haven’t done anything to stop her. He says Anandi have snatched this man’s wife, and says that girl is being tortured in Shiv Niketan…He asks the man to get her freed from Shiv Niketan, else your family will be ruined and will have to bear punishment. He says it is every man’s duty to protect his wife, and says he is a weak man. He asks his devotees to help this man get his wife back. Everyone agrees and talk to the man. Akhiraj smiles.

Jagya tells Dr. Anant that the time is not right to speak about marriage as Mangla has died recently, but we want to know about your opinion. Dr. Anant says I tried to hide my feelings for Anandi, but I couldn’t hide it. He says I like her. Nidhi smiles. Dr. Anant says I will be happy to spend life with her, if she has no objection. Nidhi says Anandi will say yes. Just then Anandi comes there with a lady (face not shown). Everyone looks on.

Kavita is kidnapped from Shiv Niketan. Anandi gets a call and comes to know that Kavita is kidnapped. Anandi informs Jagya that Mouni baba is getting Kavita married. Anandi sees Harki in bridal attire and gets suspicious.

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