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Balika Vadhu 6th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu watch online

The Episode starts with Shivam asking Anandi, why she is not searching Nandini if she cares for her children. Anandi is silent. Dadisaa gets up and says your mum got Nandini back. Anandi is shocked and says Dadisaa means to say that Nandini is in our hearts, and we will find her soon. Shivam goes angrily. Dadisaa apologizes to Anandi for saying the truth. Anandi says you said the truth and says I am the one who is lying from my two kids. She says she is feeling defeated and a loser. She hugs Dadisaa. Harki is sitting near the bonfire. Kundan comes to her and asks if she knows where is Akhiraj? Harki thinks she should tell her son. She is about to say, but lies seeing Kamli. Kamli tells Harki that they are going to haridwar for Urmila’s asthi visarjan. Kundan gets a call. He wonders who has called him. He then says that it must be Madhav’s call. Kamli thinks Kundan is hiding something for sure.

Anandi comes to Anant’s house. Nidhi tells her that he is in his fav place, ie. Kitchen. Anant asks her to taste the dish. Anandi says it is good, and asks about the servant. Anant says the cook went for 1 day leave and will return after a month…He says he makes good food. Nidhi says he puts much oil. Anant says I know that oil is not good for health. Anandi says she will make lunch after breakfast. Nidhi says she will help him even though she is in periods. Anandi is surprised. Anant says you might be thinking how can she share this with me, as a girl discusses this thing with her mum. Anant says I explained to her that she shouldn’t shy to discuss these things with her parents. Akhiraj calls Kundan and thinks why he is not picking the call. Just then he sees policemen and hides. Kundan calls at the number. The PCO owner says that it is a PCO and disconnects the call. Kamli asks Kundan what is Madhav saying? Kundan asks her not to interfere in his matter. Just then his phone rings again. Kamli asks him to pick the call and talk. He disconnects the call silently and says call have ended. He thinks Akhiraj might be angry with him.

At haveli, Anandi tells Anant that Nimboli is fine, but misses Urmila. Nimboli comes and greets Anant, saying she has a surprise for him. She goes to bring the surprise. Just then children psychologist comes and says they can do the test which she planned on Nimboli to know her mindset. Anandi asks about the test. Doctor says the more we understand her, the more we can get help to treat her. Dadisaa says I can’t understand anything. Doctor asks her to have trust on her.

Nimboli brings the book and tells that she has written ABCD in the book without any help. Doctor greets her and asks if she wants to play with her. Nimboli agrees. Doctor takes her to room. She asks her to tell what she sees in the pictures. Nimboli sees the pictures and tells her. Once she finishes the game, she gets chocolates. Nimboli comes to Mangla and tells that she got chocolates. Mangla gets angry hearing about psychiatrist.

Anandi tells Mangla that Dr. Sneha is a good psychiatrist and want to clear the hatred from her heart. Mangla says she don’t want to show her daughter to a brain doctor. Dadisaa asks her to stop it. Mangla says she can’t tolerate all this and don’t want to play with her. Dadisaa asks Anandi why she heard her silently. Anandi says she will talk to her when she gets calm.

Anandi comes to Mangla and says she can understand her mind set, and tells about old age thinking. She says Doctor want to bring Nimboli into light and clear her heart out. Mangla says she is your daughter and you can do anything.

Precap: Jagya and Ganga are celebrating their marriage anniversary. Nimboli performs a show. Akhiraj comes there to kill them and electricity goes off.

Written Update By H Hasan


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