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Balika Vadhu 5th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu watch online

The Episode starts with Constable telling Akhiraj that Inspector wants to talk to him. Akhiraj gets scared and thinks Inspector might identify him. Inspector asks him about local goon mangal. Akhiraj acts as dumb and deaf. Inspector leaves. Akhiraj thinks he has to change his get up/clothes. He recalls seeing a man dead in the desert. He gets an idea and makes the dead body wears his coat so that Jagya gets mistaken. He smirks. Fb ends. Anandi asks Nimboli to have food. Nimboli insists to meet her mum. Dadisaa asks her to stop being stubborn and sit and eat roti. She says you will eat all food and then you can get up. Nimboli throws the plate and refuses to eat anything. She says you got angry at my mum and now on me. I don’t want to stay here. Anandi says she is badi nani saa of yours and says we didn’t send Mangla. She asks her to go to her room and sit. She says don’t come out of room till I ask you. Nimboli says you are really bad and is bad chudail. Akhiraj steals someone clothes and thinks he needs the clothes at the most.

Nimboli thinks their love is all fake as she is no one for them. Anandi asks her to open the door and apologizes for scolding her. She asks her to open the door. Dadisaa also comes and asks her to open the door. She apologizes to her and says we will go to market to buy your favorite stuff. Nimboli says I don’t want anything and asks them to go from there. Dadisaa says we shall leave her for sometime. Dadisaa asks Anandi to come to Shiv Niketan. Nimboli says I don’t want to stay with this bad persons and says she will go away from them.

Akhiraj comes to the market wearing a shirt and looks himself in the mirror. He thinks even he couldn’t identify his face, then how others will identify him. He laughs. He sees Kachoris and thinks he is hungry. He don’t have money. He thinks to do something. He goes to the shop and asks him to parcel 4 dozen kachoris. The man says I will make kachoris. Just then Akhiraj steals the kachoris and runs from there while the shop keeper and the fellow shop keepers follow him. He hides somewhere.

He sees a magician showing magic and looks surprisingly. He gets happy and gets an idea. Mangla misses Nimboli and looks at her clothes. Maa song plays………………She recalls her moments with her and a fb is shown.

Nimboli runs from home and walks on the road. A goon follows her seeing her walking on road at late night. Nimboli runs.

Written Update By H Hasan


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