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Balika Vadhu 3rd November 2015 Written Update

Prosecution lawyer asking Nimboli to identify Akhiraj before giving any statement. Akhiraj is called there. Nimboli looks at him with tearful eyes. Akhiraj stares her angrily. He then asks her how are you my lado. Nimboli gets scared and hugs Disa. Judge asks him not to talk to witness and stand silently. Prosecution lawyer asks Nimboli to look at him and says if he is the same Akhiraj who used to behaved badly with him. Judge asks him to question the witness and says she will give her statement. Prosecution lawyer asks her to identify Akhiraj and give statement.

Judge signs the police to take Akhiraj from there. Anandi stares Akhiraj. Disa and Anandi tell Nimboli that Akhiraj is taken away from there. Prosecution lawyer asks about her marriage with Kundan. Nimboli says she was very small when she got married. Lawyer asks about Kundan’s second marriage. Nimboli tells her that she was happy with Kundan’s second marriage, and tells Akhiraj used to torture Urmila also. A flashback is shown, Nimboli meeting Urmila while she is locked inside the Kothri. Prosecution Lawyer asks her about Gopal. Nimboli starts crying. Anandi consoles her. Nimboli tells about Gopal and Kamli’s love for each other, and tells that Akhiraj mercilessly killed Gopal.

Defence lawyer asks if someone taught her this. Nimboli says no and says she has seen with her own eyes. She says Akhiraj killed Gopal. Defence lawyer says villagers might have stopped Akhiraj. Nimboli says all the villagers are scared of him. Jugde says next hearing will be in court. Jagya asks Anandi and Nimboli to go and have food. Disa says she will also come. Prosecution Lawyer says she have to give statement now. Jagya asks Anandi to take Nimboli with her. Disa gives the statement that Akhiraj used to place bad eye on her since her marriage day, and tells that Akhiraj is the one who has killed her husband. Prosecution Lawyer asks why you didn’t go to Police. Disa says she was afraid of him, and says she always prayed for justice. She tells that Akhiraj took her husband’s kada from the killer, and says she managed to get that kadas from his room. Akhiraj tells judge that his brother was killed for his kadas as the thieves want that.

Choose asks her to show the kadas. Disa asks Kamli to provide kadas. Kamli appears to be like on tensedly and tells her that she didn’t obtain the kadas. Harki smiles. Akhiraj tels that he is harmless, and claims I didn’t see that kadas soon after my brother’s Dying. Kamli suggests I attempted to go looking kadas in the space, but didn’t get. Disa states she stored that kadas in her room. Defence law firm tells that he don’t would like to ask any questions. Harki smiles.Decide tells the court docket need to acquire Gopal’s mothers and fathers statement and asks Prosecution to persuade Jhalra villagers to provide their statement about Akhiraj. He claims upcoming hearing will likely be after two times. Harki and Akhiraj smiles.

Anandi requests all of the villagers to support her in opposition to Akhiraj. She prays to God for justice. Decide is about to give verdict.

Written Update By H Hasan


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