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Balika Vadhu 30th December 2015 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu watch online

The Episode starts with Kamli informing Mangla about Urmi’s death. Mangla gets shocked. Kamli says Urmila and her baby are dead. Mangla says this can’t happen and asks if she is saying truth. Kamli says everything is ended. We have to do last rites of her body. Mangla says I am coming there, and asks her to take care of herself. Kamli says are you bringing Nimboli also? Mangla says no, and says she can’t bring Nimboli there, she might get scared, and fears about Akhiraj. Kamli says Urmi and Nimboli used to love each others like sisters. Kamli cries while Harki smirks happily. Mangla cries badly. Anandi comes to her and asks what happened? Mangla says Urmila is dead and tells it all happened because of child marriage at a tender age. She cries miserably. Nimboli comes running and asks why she is crying? Mangla says Urmila left us. Nimboli is shocked and asks if she is dead. Nimboli asks about her baby. Mangla says he is also dead. Mangla asks Anandi to take her to Jhalra. Even Nimboli insists. Anant says I will come with you. Nimboli and Mangla cries.

Kundan asks Harki where were you, and says he is hungry. Harki looks at him. Kamli and Pushkar bring her body home. Kundan says is she dead? Harki says yes. Kundan is going out of house and asks Harki to make something for him. He says he don’t care about Urmila. Kamli stops him and asks if he is a human. She asks will you show enmity with a dead girl. Harki blames Urmila for taking her grand son. Kundan asks her to bring food. Harki thinks to cook food for Kundan and Akhiraj.

Akhiraj calls at haveli number from PCO, and says he wants to talk to Anandi. Dadisaa picks the call and asks who is he? Akhiraj pretends to be from orphanage and says he wants to meet Anandi. Dadisaa says she is not available now as she went to Jhalra for some purpose. Akhiraj disconnects the call. Badri says you should have asked her why they are coming to Jhalra. Akhiraj says she would have asked my name. Badri says we will see the dacoits now. Kamli makes food and tries to take food for Akhiraj. She then stops herself seeing the neighbors at home mourning at Urmila’s death. She thinks she can’t send Kundan and have to go herself. She thinks to hide the food for sometime and thinks about making an excuse to get out of house.She acts and cries saying my son’s wife left him in this age.

Pandit ji asks her to bring ghee. Harki asks Kamli to bring it. She says Urmila wanted to eat hot jalebis and goes out of house. She looks at the food, and thinks it is eaten by the cow. Kamli comes and asks her to come inside. Harki thinks what to do now to reach Akhiraj. Harki comes back home and cries. Nimboli comes and shouts seeing her dead body. She says you can’t leave me Urmi jiji. Anandi also comes there and looks at Nimboli. Harki thinks to inform Akhiraj. Harki acts and says it is destiny. She says Urmila used to love me more than Kamli and asks her to get up else she will take her life. She pretends to faint. Kundan asks what happened and tries to wake her up. Anandi consoles Nimboli.

Akhiraj says it is good that Urmila has died and says her death have brought my enemies here. Akhiraj takes out gun to kill his enemies at Urmila’s funeral.

Written Update By H Hasan


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