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Balika Vadhu 3rd February 2016 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu watch online

The Episode starts with Ganga thinking about Dadisaa’s words. She tells Jagya that Dadisaa’s decision is wrong. She asks him not to get upset with her. Jagya says no and says I am surprised with your thinking. She says at once you wanted to go from here when Ratan Singh threatened us. He says kids will accept Nimboli once they get to know about the truth. Ganga smiles. Kamli likes the idea when Kundan asks for job. Kamli asks Munim ji to give work to Kundan. Munim ji gives him work and asks if he knows calculation. Kundan says no. Munim ji asks him to do the work. Later Kundan comes to Munim ji’s room and threatens him. He takes money from his pocket and asks him not to inform Kamli.

Dr. Anant tries to cheer up Nimboli, but she gets irked and asks him to leave her alone. Dr. Anant is shocked with her behavior. Anandi comes and looks on surprised. Anandi tells Anant that she is worried for Nimboli and thinking how to bring smile on her face. Dr. Anant says Nimboli have suffered a lot due to Akhiraj in his house and we can’t tell her truth now. Nidhi says I will cheer her up and goes to her room. Kundan acts to lift heavy bags infront of Kamli. Kamli asks to have food and asks Munim ji if he is working properly. Munim ji is scared of him and praises Kundan. Kundan goes to have food. Nidhi comes to Nimboli and invites her to pluck tamarind from tree. Nimboli gets happy and says she will come. Anandi asks Mangla to let Nimboli go. Nidhi talks to her. Nimboli is happy. Mangla thinks she will stop Anandi, Anant and others from making Nimboli happy again.

Nimboli and Nidhi play game. Nimboli gets happy and says I have won. Anant comes. Nimboli apologizes to him for misbehaving with him. Anant says okay. Mangla tells Anandi that she will go to Jhalra and makes an excuse. Anandi says Kamli will never want Nimboli to return as she don’t want her life to be in danger because of Kundan. Mangla insists to go. Jagya shouts and asks her not to take Jhalra’s name again. Later in night, Mangla thinks she knows what to do? Next morning, Anandi asks Ganga if they saw Mangla. Ganga says no. Jagya says may be she went to meet Nimboli in Dr. Anant’s home. Anandi says I will call her. Dadisaa says she went to Jhalra. Jagya asks what? We had discussed it already. Dadisaa says she saw Mangla going and asked her. Mangla tells her that she is going to Jhalra being elder family member. She talks about her duty.

Nimboli comes home and calls Mangla. She shouts Maa looking at empty cupboard. Kundan gets his head shaved as per the ritual and makes promise to Akhiraj that he will kill Anandi, Jagya, Nimboli and Mangla.

Written Update By H Hasan


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