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Balika Vadhu 2nd July 2015 Written Episode Update

The Episode begins with Urmila’s mum offering lecture to Urmila and tells that Akhiraj and his relatives have betrayed them. She asks her to point out the appropriate on Kundan and make Nimboli’s existence vanish from your house. She asks her to point out the destination to Nimboli with her undesirable Mind-set, and make clear to Every person along with her attitude that she is Kundan’s wife. She asks her to sick treat Nimboli and make her just like a servant. Urmila hears her mum’s evil lecture and hugs her. She hugs her household and is also leaving. Urmila’s father claims he is sending his daughter with him, but won’t preserve silent if even a scratch comes on Urmila’s overall body. He asks him not to contact Nimboli as Kundan’s bride, and connect with Urmila only as Kundan’s bride, else he will destroy Akhiraj and see others later on. Akhiraj bears the insult and leaves. Nimboli asks Disa to rush up and they see Akhiraj coming within the jeep with newly weds. Disa thinks why did they occur so early.

Nimboli sees Urmila’s glimpse, and claims she will get the aarti to welcome Urmi. Disa tries to stop her, but she leaves. Harki arrives and asks where is Nimboli? Disa says she’s within. Nimboli brings aarti and states it really is to welcome Urmila. Harki asks Chagani to acquire Nimboli within. Nimboli suggests she wants to see Urmi and don’t want to go inside. Harki asks Nimboli not to indicate her inauspicious encounter to her new daughter in legislation. Nimboli gets teary eyed. Harki welcomes Kundan and Urmila While using the aarti and tilak. She asks her to kick the kalash and enter. Urmila claims she is familiar with how you can do the rituals. Harki tells Urmila to depart her foot impression. Urmila says she is aware as she observed in drama. Nimboli tells Chagani that she desires to see Urmi’s encounter.

Urmila reveals her ideal and authorative power to Harki, and asks Kundan to pass the plate for the duration of plates selecting rituals. Disa asks her to give plates to Harki. Akhiraj eyes Disa angrily. Disa goes In the household. Urmila offers plates to Harki. Harki blesses her. Kundan smiles. Although Chagani is using A fast nap, Nimboli tries to open the doorway and leave. She succeeds and thinks Chagani is going to be blamed if she goes out. She thinks she hopes to see Urmila. Harki asks Urmila to fold hands infront of Kul Devta and requires blessings. Kundan will get delighted as he obtained genuine spouse. They just take Harki and Akhiraj’s blessings. Harki asks them to just take Disa’s blessings. Disa blesses and provides them presents. Kundan asks Harki, shall I choose her to my area. Harki claims Enable the rituals finish initial.

Harki asks Kundan and Urmila to sit down and keeps ring from the coloured water. She asks them to go looking the ring. Nimboli attempts to peep from her area. Kundan will get the ring, but Urmila hurts him and he drops the ring. Nimboli thinks Urmi will get. Chagani wakes up and asks Nimboli not to receive scolded and beaten by Harki and Akhiraj. Nimboli decides to discover Urmila’s experience.

The neighbors praise Urmila’s elegance. Nimboli attempts to have a look at Urmila. Harki stares her angrily. Akhiraj tells Harki that he will kill the woman who informed Khetram about Nimboli. Another person sees Pushkar’s photo and attempts to crush him underneath the auto’s wheels. Kamli sees car or truck quickly approaching in direction of Pushkar and receives stunned.

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