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Balika Vadhu 26th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu watch online

The Episode starts with Shivam coming downstairs and shows the locket to Dadisaa. Dadisaa asks him what he wants to eat. Shivam says I need an answer. He asks did you know that mumma have two lockets. Dadisaa says may be your mum got two lockets made for you. Shivam says why Nimboli was claiming this locket to be hers. Dadisaa says Mangla wanted to make same locket. Anandi comes and says she got it made for Nandini. Shivam says he will wear Nandini’s locket till she comes. Anandi asks him to give locket and says she has to give this to Mangla as she wants similar locket made for Nimboli. Shivam says only he and his sister can wear this locket and not Nimboli. Anandi gets angry. Shivam asks why you are taking her side and worrying about her. He says it would had been good if Akhiraj killed Nimboli. Anandi slaps him. Shivam says you are very bad and cries. Dadisaa wipes his tears and says I will tell you truth. Anandi nods no. She says you are arguing with your mum with a right, and says Nimboli have the same right. She says Anandi is Nimboli’s mum also, and says Nimboli is your sister Nandini. Shivam, Mannu and Abhi are shocked.

Anandi tries to stop Dadisaa. Dadisaa asks her to let her complete, and says Nimboli’s doctor asked us not to tell her truth. She says Shivam was distressed feeling your love for Nimboli, and started hating her own sister. She says she can’t see his hatredness. She asks Anandi to lower her pain and tell them why did you hide big fact from them. Shivam gets teary eyes. Anandi tells Shivam that this is truth. She says Nimboli is your twin sister Nandini. Mannu smiles. She tells them everything about going to meet Nimboli, but Mangla stopping her and asking her not to tell the secret to her, saying Nimboli hates her mum. Anandi says I would have told her truth on Navrathi day, but….a fb is shown, Nimboli refuses to know about her mum and says I hate her. I pray to God to save me from her. fb ends. Anandi says I brought her hete, but had to hide this fact from you all. A fb is shown, Anandi tells Dadisaa that she is bringing Nimboli and asks her not to call her Nandini. She says Nandini hates me. Jagya and Ganga comes back home. Jagya says we have to try and bring her back home, but she shouldn’t know this. Shivam asks Anandi not to make a new locket for her, and asks her to give her locket to Nandini/Nimboli. Anandi gets emotional and smiles.

Rami Kakai comes to Harki and tells about Mouni baba. Harki refuses to go to any baba. Rami Kaki says baba is very religious, and says he asked you to come. Harki says I will go if I get time. Rami says it is not good to make a big saint wait. Harki thinks they waste time in meeting the babas, and thinks she will not go. Kundan searches for his shoes, and says don’t know what will happen now? Harki says she have an idea to deal with Mangla, nimboli and kamli. Kundan asks her to do something to get rid of them. Dr. Anant cakks Nidhi. Nidhi says I am here and brings food. She says she made vegetable dish which Anandi cooked that day. Dr. Anant says he couldn’t help Anandi and her family, and says I have no relation with them. Nidhi asks him to help Anandi. Shivam thinks about Nimboli and smiles. He feels bad about his behavior with her and gets teary eyes. Anandi comes and keeps hand on his head. Shivam says I used to pray to God that we get Nandini, but when she came back, I scolded her and ill treated her. Seh says I am bad as I have hurt my sister and yours too. He says he wants to meet her and apologizes. He apologizes to Anandi also. Anandi says we will bring her back home soon, and worries thinking Shivam might tell truth to Nimboli.

Dr. Anant tells Anandi that it is the only way to solve the problem and says he will tell the truth to Nimboli. Anandi says I didn’t give you right to take a decision. Harki comes to meet Mouni baba and sees Akhiraj. He says I am your husband. Later she sings song. Kamli wakes up and is shocked.

Written Update By H Hasan


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