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Balika Vadhu 25th September 2015 Written Update

The Episode starts with Jagya asking Disa if Nimboli’s parents know about Kundan’s attempt to molest their daughter. He says how can they stay silent even after knowing it. Disa tells they didn’t know and that’s why they can’t be blamed. She tells that they didn’t know if Nimboli’s parents are alive or not. She tells Akhiraj was getting his son married to a girl, but a woman came and stopped the marriage. Akhiraj couldn’t take it and has kidnapped her 3 months old daughter. Jagya is shocked and recalls Dadisaa informing him about Nandini’s kidnap.

Disa tells she didn’t know her dad and mom and tells Akhiraj was angry when he introduced Nimboli residence. She tells she heard Akhiraj planning to eliminate Nimboli, and indicates him to get Kundan married to her to obtain absent together with his dosh. Jagya asks When you’ve got any things of her, Disa suggests Indeed. Jagya says I wish to see it. Nidhi claims she should help Shivam in reports. Anant says she is going to do and is particularly his sister. Disa shows the clothes to Jagya, and tells she had a little something in her neck which I stored safely. She exhibits the chain having a pendant. Jagya opens the pendant and sees Anandi and Shiv’s pic inside it. He’s shocked. Disa seems to be at Anandi’s pic and states Anandi…..Jagya gets teary eyed and emotional. He says Nimboli is Anandi’s daughter Nandini. Disa is in shock.

Jagya smiles and suggests I can’t inform you about our pleasure. He says I will notify Anandi and she’s going to be really joyful. He claims He’ll remain in Jhalra till Anandi arrives, and thanks Disa yet again. Disa continues to be in shock and couldn’t believe that on her ears. Shivam thanks Nidhi for helping in his job. Jagya calls Anandi and asks her to come to Jhalra fast. Anandi asks is every thing good? Jagya says just come in this article and suggests I guarantee this journey will be most memorable for you personally till date. Anandi realizes that he is discussing Nandini and asks. Jagya confirms and claims Indeed. Anandi receives emotional and content. She sits shockingly, unable to imagine him. Anant usually takes the decision. Jagya asks him to carry Anandi to Jhalra. Anant states We’re going to leave in 5 mins. Jagya says alright.

Disa relates to Nimboli and asks her to wake up. Kamli asks let her slumber. Disa takes Nimboli along with her. Anandi cries and claims Jagya have searched my Anandi. Shivam suggests I don’t comprehend. Anandi tells Jagya discovered your sister. Shivam claims I can even come with you. Anandi asks him for being there and goes with Anant. Disa requires Nimboli to he area, closes the doorway and windows, then hugs Nimboli and cries. She tells no you can snatch her daughter from her. She asks Devimaa to not vacant her lap, and states she will’t bear this pain. Anandi is in her car and remembers her discussion with Shiv. She remembers Nandini’s beginning and gets teary eyes. Disa seems to be at Nimboli and recalls the memories. She packs her stuff and cries. Anandi smiles Fortunately.

Anant is driving the vehicle and asks Anandi if she’s alright. Anandi tells my daughter was with that man considering that twelve a long time. Anant asks who was that gentleman. Anandi tells everything and also a flashback is proven. She tells that man acquired her son married to my three months old daughter just after a couple of days of kidnapping. She states my lookup will finish today, and I will fulfill my Nandini. Disa wakes up Nimboli within the night time and asks her to prepare. Nimboli states why? Disa suggests time has appear to go away this house. Nimboli asks where by I’ll go? Disa asks her to comply with her sayings and come.

Anandi involves Jagya and asks in which is Nandini. She phone calls her title. She asks How will you identified her. Jagya shows the clothes and chain pendant. Anandi gets emotional looking at chain and pendant.

This Sunday at 8 pm, there will be special episode. Anandi sees Nimboli and calls her my daughter. Disa comes forward and tells Nimboli that she is her Maasaa. Anandi is shock and the doll and stuff falls from her hand.

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