Balika Vadhu 25th July 2016 Written Update

Balika Vadhu 25th July 2016 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu written update

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Balika Vadhu 25th July 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Abhayram coming home and tells Karuna that he went to temple to pray for her health. Karuna says you are so good and gets happy. Abhayram says I am not good, but you are making me good. Karuna is worried about Krish. Abhayram asks her not to worry and tells that his mum came in dream and asks to give you gifts. He gives her saree and says don’t know if you will like it or not. Karuna promises that she will do her wifey rights. Abhayram says I will do my husband rights and thinks with Nandini and not with you. He asks her to get ready and come with him. Karuna goes to get ready. Nandini asks Krish to have something. Krish refuses to eat it. Triveni asks what is happening? Nandini makes excuse that Krish is unwell. Triveni tells that Abhayram and Karuna went somewhere since morning and haven’t come. Krish gets worried, asks Nandini if she knows. Nandini says I don’t know, she might be coming home. Krish says he can’t wait and is going to Police station. Just then Abhayram comes and asks why is he going? He asks Karuna to come.

Krish asks Karuna, where did you go? Karuna says I went with my husband and not alone. Triveni says Karuna went from here and asks who came? Karuna says I went as Karuna, but returned as Abhayram’s wife. She says I was not following his ancestral rituals before, and says I went to his kuldevi temple. She apologizes to Abhayram and says she will not do this again. She touches his feet and says now only death can separate us. Abhayram says I will die if anything happens to you. She asks Nandini to be a dutiful wife for krish and make favorite food of everyone. Nandini smiles. Triveni is doubtful. Krish looks on angrily. Abhayram walks off smilingly.

Premal comes home later in the night and sees Sudha sleeping. He thinks once she is out of his life, then he will bring Rasika.

Shivam is hiding in Premal’s room. Premal sees Shivam and says Rasika, you are here….he asks him to hug him. He sleeps. Shivam calls Rasika from his phone and asks her to meet him at some place. She agrees. He sends her address and thinks now Sudha will understand that this person is not worthy to walk with her even seven steps.
Naina Bawre plays……..Nandini thinks Krish is angry and calls him. Krish disconnects the call. Nandini messages him. Krish reads her message that she will make alright fine and promises. She asks him to remember her love and the moments spent together. She writes that you will do this as you loves me more than yourself. A song plays…………………They recall their first meeting, etc….Nandini thinks I will not break my promise. Krish thinks Kundan has to go from our lives and then everything will be fine.

Krish angrily tells Nandini that his mum have suffered a lot. He asks her to pack her bags and leave from there. Nandini informs Karuna that Abhayram is Kundan, who had married her in childhood. Later Nandini is kidnapped and brought to temple by goons. Abhayram asks her to marry him, else he will burn her sister Sudha alive. Sudha cries. Premal is seen holding the match stick.

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