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Balika Vadhu 24th October 2015 Written Update

Balika Vadhu watch online

Kamli informing Chagani that they are going to Bank and asks her to take care of Urmi. Chagani asks her to go. Harki thinks Kamli is always busy roaming, Urmi takes rest and I get to do house work. She wakes up Urmila and asks her do work. She taunts her for not working. Urmila tells she is feeling unwell. Chagani comes. Harki asks her to get up and not to make any excuse. Chagani is about to give her glass of juice, but Harki stops her and asks her to wash clothes. Chagani says let her rest, I will wash clothes. Harki scolds Chagani and asks her to go. She makes her get up and asks to wash clothes, smirks. Mangla thinks she will leave the house with her daughter. Nimboli laughs while playing with Shivam. Anandi comes. Nimboli hugs her and tells she has won. Shivam says mom, why you are laughing? Anandi says you will win tomorrow. Anandi thanks him as she got hug from her. Nimboli hugs her again and says she will hug her daily. Anandi gives phone to Mangla and says you might have to call something important. Mangla thinks she wants to keep tab on her moves. Shivam asks Nimboli to come and says they will play game on phone. Nimboli runs to Anandi and hugs her again angering Mangla. Anandi thanks her.

Urmila washes the clothes with much difficulty and then she feels pain in her stomach, but she continues to wash clothes. She faints and falls down in flowing water. Kamli and Pushkar come back home and see Urmila unconsciously lying near the buckets. Kamli cries and tries to wake her up, calls Chagani and asks her to call doctor.

Nimboli throws phone and says it is not letting me win. Mangla says you will win when you learn well. She says it is costly and asks her not to throw. Nimboli apologizes to phone and laughs. She plays the game again, and loses. She throws the phone angrily. Mangla picks the phone and scolds Nimboli. Nimboli says I will tell Anandi and she will not scold me. Mangla is shocked as Nimboli started trusting Anandi. She sends her to bring water for her. She looks at the phone and then breaks the phone into pieces, and says I will break your trust. I will see until when Anandi will not scold you.

Kamli and Chagani bring Urmi to the hospital. Doctor tells Kamli that this girl Urmila is a child herself and time is not left for abortion. Doctor says she is very weak and prescribes medicine asking Kamli to make her rest. Kamli asks if she will get well soon. Doctor asks her to get her treated in city hospital and says both mother and child’s life is at risk.

Nimboli brings water and give it to Mangla. She sees the broken phone and is shocked. Mangla hears footsteps and understands Anandi is coming. She tells that Anandi gave this and you had broken it. Nimboli cries. Anandi asks what happened? Mangla tells she has broken your new phone. Anandi says no problem, she is a kid. Nimboli says she didn’t break it intentionally. Anandi says it is okay and says I will bring another phone for you. Mangla’s plan fails. Anandi makes Nimboli sit and asks if she wants to eat sweets. Nimboli nods. Anandi goes to bring sweets. Mangla tells Nimboli that we will be staying here for few days and then apologizes to her.

Akhiraj is brought to court by Police. Harki, Jagya, Anandi and Disa come to the court. Akhiraj looks angrily at Disa and says he would have killed her also. Lawyer says this case is depend on Nimboli’s statement. Akhiraj thinks I will not let Nimboli reach court in any circumstances and smirks.

Written Update By H Hasan


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