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Balika Vadhu 22nd June 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Abhayram telling Nandini that everything is fair in love and war and says their relation is of same kind. He says I get good sleep now a days and says you do so many things in sleep. Nandini says you will never get me, and asks him to dream whatever he wants to. Abhayram says God has brought them together. Nandini says God let the evil get confident and then fails him. Abhayram says whenever I try to get you, Krish comes in between or you find a way to get saved. He promises her that he will make Krish and Karuna hate her, and says he will be left only. She says you will stand infront of me, apologizing to me. Nandini swears to fill his life with darkness. Abhayram says my conspiracy starts from today and says lets see who will win. He says sorry for the thing which he will do with her. Nandini thinks she has to tell everything to Krish.

Krish opens a letter and is shocked. He says I forgot about it. Nandini comes to Krish and says I want to say something. Krish says he is already tensed and shows the letter. Nandini says this is your MD’s exam date. Krish says what to do? Nandini asks him to start studying and says she will teach him. Krish says there is some technical problem, whenever you are with me, I want to do something. Nandini says no romance till exams. Krish says we haven’t celebrated wedding night also. Nandini says we will do it after your exams. Krish says you can do everything and can give tuitions too. Nandini says I can’t see you sad and thinks she can’t tell him until his exams finishes. He is about to kiss on her forehead, but Triveni calls her. Nandini goes. Triveni scolds Nandini for burning the food. Krish asks what happened?

Triveni asks him to make his wife understand. Nandini says I will make something. Triveni says she has thrown all vegetables. Nandini looks on. Triveni says it was trash. Nandini says you didn’t do right by throwing it and says you would have given it to poor. Triveni says you are trying to teach me. Krish says I will bring vegetable. Triveni says it is woman’s work to get vegetables. Triveni says only woman buys vegetables. Abhayram says I will bring it. Triveni asks him not to talk when she is talking and not come near her. She asks Nandini to come with her to market and buy vegetables.

Sudha feels pain in her stomach while cleaning the floor and complains to premal. Premal asks what happened? Premal’s mum says she is acting so that she can skip working. Premal says she is not acting. Premal’s mum asks him to go and says she is acting. Premal scolds Sudha and goes. Sudha thinks she isn’t acting. She thinks if I don’t reach hospital on time then something might happened to my child. She calls Nandini, but Abhayram picks the call. Sudha thinks Nandini picked the call and says she is having stomach pain. Sudha’s mum in law snatches phone from her hand. Sudha asks her to let her go. Premal’s mum says I gave birth to Premal at home, and asks her to bear the pain for practice. Abhayram hears her. Sudha says can’t you understand that I am having pain. Premal’s mum tries to stop her. Sudha goes pushing her. Premal’s mum gets angry. Abhayram smiles and thinks God is with me, and giving me a chance again and again. He deletes the call from her phone, and says Nandini will not know that Sudha had called her.

Triveni bargains the price while buying vegetable. She sees someone spying on them. Triveni takes Nandini to other cart and asks her to select ladies finger and bargain. She sees same man spying and tells Nandini. Nandini looks on.

Nandini and Triveni come home. Triveni catches the man and beats him up. Man tells them something which shocks them. Later Abhayram tries to kill Karuna, but Nandini saves her. Abhayram slaps Nandini hard. Nandini is shocked.

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