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Balika Vadhu 18th April 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Dadisaa saying that Devimaa’s call have come to take her to her, and this bullet is just an excuse. Ganga comes there. Dadisaa asks Jagya to take care of kids and wife Ganga. She asks Ganga to take care of house, Jagya and kids. Anandi, Jagya and Ganga cries. Nimboli and Shivam also cries. Dadisaa asks them to remember her. Shivam says you will not go anywhere. Dadisaa says I will be with you all always and asks them to remember their sayings. Anandi says I am hearing you since my childhood, but today I am saying you can’t go anywhere and have to live for me and everyone. She says this is my order. Dadisaa asks her to let her body go, but her soul will be with her. She asks her to do Gita’s paath. Someone reads Gita. Anandi looks on. Dadisaa asks her to do her some work and tells something in her ears. Anandi nods. Dadisaa asks her to promise. Anandi nods. Dadisaa closes her eyes and dies on Anandi’s lap. Jagya says no Dadisaa. They cry badly.

Akhiraj, Harki and kundan get down from the Police jeep and run inside the jungle. Harki sits down tiring. Kundan says we are tired and asks until when we will run like this. Akhiraj says till I take revenge from villagers. He says my hunger have increased and can’t forget the insult. I will not be at peace until I kill my enemies. Harki says it is enough now, and asks him to end the revenge. She says we will make a new start somewhere else far from here. Akhiraj asks her to stop it, and says he is a tiger and will take revenge. He says he will play blood holi in Jaitsar. Harki asks him to listen to her.

People are seen dancing at one side, and at the other Dadisaa’s funeral is about to start. Ganga hugs Jagya and cries. Jagya asks her not to cry and asks her to wipe her tears, as they have to fulfill Dadisaa’s last wish. He says we have to bid her bye happily. Anandi, Shivam and Nandini sit beside Dadisaa’s dead body. Anandi applies tilak on her forehead. She recalls her childhood with her and makes Dadisaa wears her ancestral’s jewellery. She recalls her sweet childhood memories with Dadisaa….She recalls Dadisaa’s last wish to celebrate her union with her husband, and to give her a good farewell. She recalls Dadisaa asking her to born to her in next birth. Anandi wipes her tears and looks at Dadisaa.

Akhiraj, Harki and Kundan take shelter somewhere. Harki asks Akhiraj to end this revenge game and says we shall live peacefully and let other live peacefully too. Akhiraj gets angry and says I will settle scores with Anandi. Harki says I will go to Police and will tell everything. Akhiraj slaps her hard. Kundan says Bapusaa. Akhiraj says I would have kill you if I have time, but I have to go and kill Anandi. He asks Kundan to bring rope. Harki asks Kundan not to listen to Akhiraj and says he is giving you wrong teaching. Akhiraj tells Kundan to listen to him and bring rope. Harki keeps on telling Kundan to listen to her and not follow Akhiraj’s footsteps. Akhiraj ties her with chair and closes her mouth too. Kundan gets teary eyes, but goes with Akhiraj. Harki manages to open rope, and frees her hands and mouth. She thinks I have realized now, how wrong I was…I thought to get happiness by giving pain to others. She thinks Anandi is right and I have done a sin by supporting my husband in his crimes. She cries. She thinks she will not let him kill anyone.

Anandi lights the fire to the pyre. Akhiraj shoots at Anandi from far. Anandi runs from there holding Shivam and Nimboli’s hands. Akhiraj and his goons come infront of her and smile.

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