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Balika Vadhu 13th November 2015 Written Update

Balika Vadhu watch online

Nimboli asking Anandi to wear ghagra choli. Anandi refuses saying she is a widow. Nimboli gets sad and tells her that Mangla would have agreed to her. Anandi finally agrees to her for her happiness. She looks at Shiv’s photo and thinks she can’t introduce his daughter to him now, but will soon. Nimboli asks her to change the dress and then she will help her get ready. Nimboli makes her wear bangles, necklace, bindi etc and says you are looking beautiful. She comes out and asks everyone to close their eyes. She brings Anandi then. Everyone is surprised to see Anandi in ghagra choli with makeup and jewellery. Shivam is happy and runs to hug her. He says you are looking beautiful.

Dadisaa hugs Anandi and says you are looking beautiful. Nimboli says lets go and burn crackers. They celebrate Diwali and burn the crackers happily. Akhiraj thinks to take revenge from everyone. Badri comes and asks with whom he wants to take revenge. Akhiraj gets happy seeing him. He asks why you are here? Badri tells him that he will be releasing tomorrow. Akhiraj says it is a good news. Badri asks if he wants to send message to his family. He asks him to tell Harki that he is coming home.

Nimboli applies tilak on Shivam’s forehead. Anandi thinks she is doing this ritual for very first time and thinks she does this ritual as Nandini. Nidhi also does the ritual with Shivam. Shivam gives them gifts. Harki is fetching h2o through the perfectly and asks ladies to maintain pot on her head. The females ignore her and leaves. Badri comes and keeps pot on her head. Badri tells Harki that he has brought information from Akhiraj. He suggests Akhiraj reported that he will arrive dwelling before long. He asks her to try and do mannat at the Devi temple and suggests he is usually gonna mela. Harki asks if her mannat is going to be fulfilled. Badri says Sure and asks her to prepare to head to mela.

Nimboli states she likes this Pageant of Bhai Dooj. Anandi suggests brother and sister’s relation is so lovely like mother and daughter’s relation. Nimboli claims her mum has thrown her in rubbish bin. Anandi receives sad and teary eyed. Dadisaa asks her to obtain belief on Devimaa and asks her to go to the temple. Anandi agrees to go to temple.

Nimboli and Chakor dance in the mela. Harki tells Badri that they are the dacoits. Badri says he will kill them. Nimboli and Chakor get tensed as the crowd starts running being panic. Anandi is shocked.

Written Update By H Hasan


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