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Balika Vadhu 12th November 2015 Written Update

Balika Vadhu watch online

Nimboli asking about Disa. Anandi tells her that she went to Saroda to meet her ailing Kakusaa. Nimboli tells her that her necklace is missing. Anandi says we will search it. She asks if she has kept it somewhere and then forgot. Nimboli says she didn’t take necklace out of her neck, and says she has been wearing it. Dadisaa asks her not to worry and they go to search necklace.

Harki gives the house papers to someone with the intention to mortgaged the house. He asks her to count the money. Harki counts and takes the money. Kamli comes. The man gives papers to Kamli. Harki asks why did you give papers to her. The man says she is the one who gave you loan. Harki is shocked. Kamli asks her not to be surprised and says I was shocked when I learnt that you were mortgaging this house. She says this house belongs to Disa and Akhiraj, and says without taking her permission, you was about to mortgaged it. Harki says she has to give money to workers. Kamli says you would have asked me. Harki refuses. She says Kundan is returning home tomorrow and will make you right (beat). Kamli looks on.

Anandi searches for the necklace and tells Dadisaa that it is not found. Dadisaa calls jeweller and asks him to make same necklace exactly like it. Jeweller says okay. Dadisaa asks him to send it by tomorrow. She tells Anandi that she can’t see her sad face. Anandi hugs Dadisaa. Dadisaa wonders where that necklace can go. She says may be Mangla took it mistakenly. Anandi asks why she will do that.

Harki comes to the juvenile and says she has come to take Kundan home. The jailer says Kundan will not be freed today. Harki says I will not let you do injustice to your son. Warden comes and says Kundan has broken a boy’s head. He says that boy is taken to hospital. Harki says my son couldn’t do this. Warden says there are many witnesses to his crime and says he can’t control his anger. Harki says my son is going through a lot of troubles and says she will make him understand. She asks him to have pity on her and leave Kundan. Warden says they can’t release Kundan until the case is over. Harki asks him to tell when he will be released. Warden says atleast 15 more days. Harki cries.

Disa phone calls haveli. Anandi picks the decision. Disa tells that Kakusaa has died. Anandi feels terrible. Disa states she is worried about Nimboli. Anandi claims we are listed here to take care of her. Nimboli takes the decision and asks about Kakusaa. Nimboli tells that she is experiencing lots here. Disa is angry and disconnects the decision. Nimboli tells Anandi that decision is disconnected. Disa thinks the individuals are separating my daughter from me, and prays God not to help make Anandi snatch her daughter from her.

Harki concerns Akhiraj. Akhiraj asks her regarding their son Kundan, and asks her to feed excellent meals. He asks why You’re not delighted. Harki states when she came to convey him house, she arrived to know about Kundan injuring a boy. She suggests juvenile house isn’t willing to launch him. Akhiraj is stunned and angry hearing the lousy news. Harki states I arrived to know that Kundan was misled by some men. She claims I am damaged, however you retains tolerance. Akhiraj asks did you keep property and farm mortgaged. Harki states Of course, and states dacoit Kamli gave her funds. Akhiraj asks her to inform every thing Obviously. Harki tells him all the things. A flashback is revealed. Kamli presents cash to Harki and requires your house and farm papers. Harki suggests Kamli is actively playing trick with me. Akhiraj laughs. Harki is astonished.

She asks why you happen to be laughing? Akhiraj states Kamli gave revenue to you personally as she loves home. She states Kamli didn’t want residence to go to strangers. He suggests it is actually for our profit. We will use that cash and don’t should return it too. She states that dacoit can’t kick us away from household. He asks her to Enable Kamli remain in your house until finally Kundan and he return household, after which………………….Harki smiles.

Nimboli makes Anandi ready and makes her wear necklace, bangles, bindi etc. She says you are looking very beautiful. Anandi looks on.

Written Update By H Hasan


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