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Balika Vadhu 12th June 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Krish sadly sitting. Karuna comes to him and asks Krish, did he talk to Nandini? Why did she go to her house so late at night. Abhayram/kundan asks her not to interfere between a husband and wife, and asks her to go and take rest. Karuna goes to her room. Kundan goes near Krish, says marriage is a complicated thing, Nandini will take time to understand new home and family. Krish says yes, and says I don’t know what is the reason. Kundan says even God couldn’t understand his wife, and you are Krish. He says I am married to Karuna for years, but I have to play tricks to convince her. Krish says mom agrees to your sayings.. Kundan says you don’t know all the things and asks him to take rest, says he will go and bring Nandini home…He says I am sure that Nandini will listen to me. Karuna says you will not go. Abhayram says he didn’t feel bad. Karuna says Nandini shall not insult you and give you respect. Abhayram says we shall forgive the youngsters. Karuna says no, and asks Krish to go and bring Nandini, says she is not a small girl but elder than you. Krish goes. Abhayram thinks to do something to stop Nandini from telling about him.

Vandana showers flower petals on Amit and tries to get closer and hugs him. Dr. Amit asks what is all this? Vandana says I was trying to make you remember our happy times and says this red saree was your favorite, and you used to say that I am looking like Sagar’s dimple kapadia. She gets closer. Amit asks what are you doing? Vandana says we have promised that we will come closer emotionally and physically. Dr. Amit says relations are not made by force and says love happens slowly. Vandana says she is ready to wait for him and want to make strong bond with him. She says I hope your wait ends on me.

Krish comes to Mr. Shekhawat’s house. Jamuna asks him to sit. Krish says I didn’t come here to sit here today, and asks them to call Nandini. Mr. Shekhawat calls Nandini and says Krish has come. Nandini gets happy and comes to him. Krish seems angry with her and asks her to return home. Nandini says I want to tell you something. Krish asks her to tell. Nandini says Krish, please. Krish takes Nandini from there forcibly. Jamuna shouts Kuwar saa… Mr. Shekhawat pacifies her.

Krish stops the car and asks Nandini to tell what is the explanation she has for her behavior. Nandini says you are so bitter, why? Krish says what is stopping you to come near me, and made us stand at different ways. Nandini says my past….She says I had tried to separate my past all my life, but it makes me lose. Krish asks her to tell, and says we will make your past lose together. It is my right to let you know everything. Nandini says I don’t know from where to start? She says when I came to your house after marriage, I came to know that….Just then some speedy jeep is about to hit their car, and stops giving them near death experience. Then the jeep moves back. Krish gets angry and gets down the car. The jeep driver is about to hit him, but he moves.

Nandini gets a call from Kundan saying that the jeep can crash them tomorrow, and asks her not to tell her painful story to Krish else he will get killed unneccessarily. He asks her to return home quietly. He says one husband went to take you and other is waiting for you at home. Nandini is shocked and thinks I wish I could tell you Krish that Abhayram is Kundan. Krish asks whose phone is this? Did Kundan called? Nandini asks do you know everything? Krish says I know. Nandini says I wanted to tell you everything, but thought it is strange. Krish says I can guess that Kundan is scaring you after fleeing from jail. He says Kundan can’t come near you, and can’t touch your reflection also. Nandini cries. Krish asks her not to cry anymore, and says you are my responsibility now. He asks her not to hide anything from him. Nandini nods and hugs him cryingly. She thinks I can’t tell you the truth and lose you. Krish asks her to stop crying and smile.

Krish brings Nandini home. Abhayram and Karuna looks at them. Nandini touches Karuna’s feet and asks mom…how are you? Karuna says you are asking question lately. Krish asks her to forgive Nandini and says she is dealing with a trouble. Karuna says how can I take rest when she leaves the house bare feet and also insults my husband everytime. She says don’t see my problems. Nandini bends down and apologizes, requests Karuna to forgive her. Karuna says I don’t want to listen to your explanation and asks her to apologize to Abhayram. Kundan gets happy. Nandini folds her hand and apologizes. Abhayram nods and stares her. Nandini thinks might be thinking that you have won, but I will get you kicked out of the house, and will make you lose in your own game.

Nandini and Krish sit for the puja. A lady enters the house. Abhayram looks on.

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