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Balika Vadhu 11th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu watch online

The Episode starts with a man identifying Nimboli and says he helped her meet her parents. Jagya says Parents? Man says now I know that they were not her parents. Jagya asks Anandi not to lose strength and says atlease we know that Nimboli was here. Anandi cries and says what she will reply to Mangla. Akhiraj is sitting with magician. Magician shows the magic and shows the coin and the sweets. Akhiraj is stunned. Everyone claps for him.

The man asks his wife not to get tensed and says they have kidnapped the girl as said by tantrik. He asks his wife to make that girl eat the sweets to make her unconscious again. Nimboli hears them and thinks they are going to do something bad to the girl.

Anandi and Jagya see the CCTV footage of the bus stand. They see Nimboli leaving in the Jhalra bus. He asks the manager to call the bus driver and asks about the exact location. He calls Jagya and asks him to take Nimboli in custody. Manager tries calling Conductor, but his phone is not reachable. The conductor calls everyone. Nimboli thinks what to do? How to save Madhura. She gets inside the bus again. Nimboli gets down on the bus and follows the girl. Jagya comes to know through the Inspector that Nimboli didn’t get down in Jhalra. They were informed that Nimboli got down with the girl and her parents. The man and his wife take the girl Madhura to the tantrik’s place. Jagya calls Inspector and asks him to keep calling on Nimboli’s number and try to find the exact location.

The man and his wife feel someone is following them and turn. Nimboli hides. They get inside the temple. Nimboli wonders what they are doing in the temple so late in night. Tantrik reads some mantras. They make Madhura lie down straight on a flat surface. The woman asks if she will get her baby. The tantrik says you will get a baby if we sacrfice this girl. Devi will bless you with a baby. He says Jai Devi and takes out thee sword to kill Madhura. The couple looks on tensedly. Nimboli also sees her hidingly. Madhura wakes up. The man asks her to lie down again. Tantrik says she will take your request to Devi and asks him to be polite with her. He says Jai Devi. Just then Nimboli’s phone rings. She is shocked. Everyone turn and see her.

Nimboli helps Madhura escape. Tantrik catches Nimboli and Madhura. He says he will give two sacrifices today. He does some puja and makes the girl sit. Jagya and Anandi reach there. Nimboli shouts Maa. Anandi hears her voice and looks on.

Written Update By H Hasan


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