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Balika Vadhu 1st March 2016 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu watch online

The Episode starts with Akhiraj asking Harki to think that her bad days are over from now. Harki thanks him and tries to touch his feet. Akhiraj doesn’t let her touch his feet and asks her to forget his worries there itself. Deenu asks Harki to go as others are in line to get his blessings. Harki looks at Akhiraj and tries to identify him, but she goes. Akhiraj waves her and smiles. Anandi comes to Shivam’s room. Shivam tells her that he made place for Nimboli’s clothes in his cupboard and shows the Rakhis which he brought for her. Mannu smiles. Mannu shows the big wall paper with their pics with Nimboli and asks how is it? Anandi says Nimboli doesn’t know about the truth. Mannu says we will not tell her anything. Shivam thinks to talk to her.

Later in night, Harki sees her clothes and sees gulaal on it. She thinks of Mouni baba’s words asking her to identify the happiness. She wonders what he wanted to say. A fb is shown, Akhiraj throwing gulaal on her, and taking her feet back when she was about to touch it. Fb ends. Harki thinks she felt as if she had touched the feet before, and thinks she have to meet him again. Akhiraj tells Deenu that his neck have dried up after giving pravachan since morning. He asks him to buy costly wine. Deenu asks him to give money. Akhiraj asks will you ask money from me. Deenu says you have gifted money. Akhiraj asks him to use his money and do the work with honesty. Deenu says okay and goes. Harki goes to meet Mouni in the night and thinks he might get angry seeing me, but I can’t sleep until I get answers. She goes to his hut and calls his name. Hut’s door opens, and she goes inside.

Akhiraj holds her hand from behind. Harki asks him to leave her hand and shouts for help. Akhiraj says mad woman, I am here, he asks her to look at him and says I am your husband Akhiraj Singh. He asks her to look in his eyes and identify. Harki gets emotional hearing him and touches his face. She asks are you alive? Akhiraj nods. Harki cries and touches his feet asking if she is seeing a dream. Akhiraj says this is truth and says your husband is right infront of you. Harki hugs him and cries. Harki asks him about the dead body. Akhiraj tells her everything. Harki smiles. She asks about the dead body. Akhiraj says I didn’t know, and says you have earned goodness by doing last rites of the dead body. Harki says she wasn’t at peace when she heard him and says I got my husband back. Akhiraj says you need your husband’s love and takes out shawl from her head, and closes the door.

Later Harki is seen resting on Akhiraj’s lap. Akhiraj says I got a new life in this old life and says he will make everything fine. He says much time have passed and asks her to leave as Deenu will come. Harki says okay, and says I will come tomorrow and bring something for you to eat. Akhiraj says no, and says if anyone sees you here, then…I don’t want to lose others’ trust. He says I will meet you or ask you to come. He asks her not to tell anything to Kundan as he is still young and childish. Harki agrees and leaves. Akhiraj closes the door.

Kamli and Pushkar are sleeping. Harki comes back and sings song happily. Kamli wakes up and hears the song. She identifies the voice and says it is Maa’s voice. Harki continues to sing, but then sees her black sarees without make up, and thinks she has to change the clothes now itself. She then thinks what I will tell to others, and thinks what to do now. She gets an idea and smirks. She goes to her room and looks for her sarees. Kamli comes and asks what is she searching?

Shivam tells Anandi that he was talking to Nimboli, but then the call got disconnected. Anandi wonders why the call is disconnected everytime. Later Mangla calls Shivam and asks what happened? Shivam tells her that Anandi told him that Nimboli is his sister. Mangla wonders what to do as Anandi might tell the secret to Nimboli as well.

Written Update By H Hasan


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