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Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 7th April 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Rajni singing song….oh balma…….Shaan is surprised to see her sensual dance. Sharmila and Dhyan hear her singing. Gyan asks Maggie if you have heard the voice? Maggie asks him to continue pressing her feet. Shaan asks Rajni what you are doing? Rajni says I am trying to controk you with my ada…./charm. He says it is working and sing/dance with her. Dhyan, Sharmila and Gyan hear their song. Shaan gets closer to her, and he gets current. He thinks Rajni is a robot, but she is hot. He asks Rajni to make his mind get well……Rajni starts beating him with stick. Dhyan says it is malantod paan’s effect. Shaan falls on the bed and it breaks. Gyan says we will go and see. Maggie says how you will see with closed eyes. Rajni lies beside Shaan and says it is for Shaan’s betterment.

Dhyan and Gyan discuss with Amrish about Shaan. Amrish asks did something happened yesterday night? They laugh. Amrish asks them not to talk to discuss about it. Shaan comes there and seems to be tired. Amrish asks him to sleep in his lap for few days. Shaan says my head is paining and asks where is Rajni. Rajni brings tea for everyone and wishes good morning. She gives milk shake to Dhyan…She calls Shaan as aji sunte ho…..Shaan is surprised. She gives him black coffee and says your head ache will go with this. Dhyan says surprising. Amrish says you have made our heart feel great….Dhyan and Gyan gets happy too. Shaan asks Rajni to go and clean the room. Rajni says I have cleaned the room and also repaired the bed. Shaan asks how? Rajni says you have broken bed at night. Dhyan and Gyan say it is because of Paan. Surili comes and asks what happened? Rajni greets her and says Shaan have broken bed yesterday night. Surili says whatever and asks about Aishwarya. Rajni says Aishwarya will not cook today as I will make food today for my first rasoi. They are shocked. Rajni says I will make sweets. Amrish says I am waiting to eat sweets from bahu’s hands.

Rajni says I am making kheer. Dhyan and Gyan get happy. Amrish asks her to make kheer. Rajni turns towards Shaan….aji sunto ho…kuhu ke chacha….She asks Shaan not to come to kitchen to help her, and says husbands used to enter kitchen to romance with wife, but you don’t come. Surili asks Shaan not to do this…..Shaan asks her to go. Maggie and Sharmila find her behavior strange. Surili says when kheer is ready then call me. Maggie and Sharmila says ok. Amrish says Rajni will win her heart now. Bahus think to inform Shaguta. Aishwarya tells Shaguta that Rajni have controlled Shaan and will impressed Surili now. Maggie and Sharmila come there and complains to Shaguta about Rajni. Shaguta says what to do? Aishwarya says I have a superb idea. Shaguta asks her to say. Aishwarya says we will spoil her rasoi. Shaguta asks her to tell plan. Aishwarya gives her video and asks them to learn by watching the episode to ruin rasoi. They watch the episode and says Rajni’s kheer is gone. They peep in the kitchen and see Rajni.

Rajni says kheer is ready. She says I have to go and water tulsi plant being an adarsh bahu. Shaguta, Sharmila and Maggie enter kitchen. Shaguta asks where is salt bottle? Sharmila and Maggie say that they are unaware of it. Shaguta asks her to give chilli powder. They don’t know about it. Ragini comes and shows them salt bottle….She says every devrani, jethani and nanand do this in TV, and asks them to add salt in it. She holds Shaguta’s hand and keeps her in salt bottle. Shaguta asks her to leave her hand. Amrish comes there and asks if kheer is ready? Maggie says we were helping Rajni. Amrish says no need and asks them to come out of kitchen. Shaguta gets angry. Sharmila says Rajni played game with us. Shaguta says she is so smart than us. They fear what to do? Sharmila asks Shaguta to do something. Shaguta says we shall not do anything now, but will do later. Maggie asks Sharmila to do something and says Rajni will take your place, will become mummy ji’s favorite. Sharmila says she won’t let her succeed. Amrish asks Rajni, if they have any thing wrong with her and says I am sorry about that. Rajni asks him not to say sorry and says she will handle everything. She smiles.

Surili sees small roti and asks Rajni to make a big roti. Sharmila gets shocked seeing Rajni holding a giant roti. Surili also gets shocked. Rajni asks if this is okay mom.

Written Update by H Hasan

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