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Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 6th April 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Rajni telling Surili that her friends are chindi chor and small minded people. Surili is shocked. Shaan says she is saying right, says this matter is sorted, so shall I leave. Surili asks him to take Rajni with him. Rajni says bye mom and goes. Shaguta asks Surili if she have lost so soon. Amrish asks her to keep quiet else he will get her married in a village. Surili asks Amrish to take her side sometimes. Amrish says my side is right, and I want to see you on right side always. He asks do you want to drink green tea, black tea, coffee. Surili says no and says I am calm. Amrish says you are half Punjabi. Surili says yes. Gyan tells Shaan that he will give suhaag raat tips. Dhyan says today is a war and you have to win. Maggie tells Rajni that today is very day for you. Rajni says but it is night. Sharmila says you have to control your wife today else you will be in her custody. Shaan says two failed players are giving me tips. Gyan and Dhyan say that they don’t want him to lose. He says Rajni accepts your every commands, but now she has become your wife and have became dangerous. Rajni says I obey to Shaan always. Maggie says she can give tips to her. She shows her how to charm her husband. Sharmila asks what are you saying? She hugs Rajni and asks him to think that she is her husband. She asks what is the most powerful thing in us. Rajni says our love…sacrifice etc.

Sharmila says our beauty is what we have, and we shall never spend it and just showcase it. Maggie also says the same. She asks her not to let Shaan gets closer to her. Gyan says Maggie used to look like an angel before marriage, but she got wings after marriage for sure. Gyan gives him beetle leaves and asks him to eat it. Shaan eats it, and is about to spit, but Gyan makes him eat fully. Shaan asks what is inside it. Gyan says it is bed breaking pan……Shaan asks what? Gyan says I know what it means, but I will not tell you. Sharmila tells that woman’s second weapon is tears. Maggie asks her to shed tears to fulfill the demands. Rajni says I understood. She says I have to tease Shaan, by crying, but he will be upset. Maggie says Shaan will not get upset.

Shaguta meets Mathew and is upset. Mathew says he will book her favorite five star hotel. Shaguta says today is Rajni’s suhaag raat. Mathew asks what? Shaguta says it is enemy’s suhaag raat. Mathew says GL good luck. Gyan and Dhyan take Shaan to room and says Rajni is waiting for you. Shaguta comes and says I need to talk to Rajni. Shaan says bhabhis have given her much gyaan. Shaguta says not that, I want to talk something else. Dhyan and Gyan take Shaguta from there. Shaan closes the door, and shouts cockroach by looking through the window. Gyan asks Shaan to live life and enjoy. Gyan asks Shaguta to come and not to trouble Rajni.

Shaan comes inside the room and sees Rajni sitting like a bride with veil on her face. Shaan says you are a robot Rajni. Rajni says this is a ritual, if you don’t lift my ghunghat then I will sit like this. She starts crying. Shaan asks her to stop and says I will lift your ghunghat. He looks at her face and falls in love with her instantly. He says I made you….I am so proud of me. Rajni says Maggie and Sharmila said right. Tears works. Shaan asks what else they have said. Rajni gives him milk and says you have to drink it. Shaan thinks what has happened to me? He reminds Rajni that she is a robot, asks her to rest on bed and says I am going there. He smiles looking at her. Rajni also smiles and reminds him that he was going for some important work. Shaan says I am going. He looks at her beauty because of the pan’s effect. He wonders what is happening to him. He asks himself to stop it. Rajni asks what to stop?

Shaan says it is my problem. Rajni says I can solve it. Shaan says so sweet. Rajni says yes. Shaan goes towards her, sits on bed and says it is good that mehendi is not applied on your hands, else your outer layer would have been damaged. He holds her hands and says it is made by me. Rajni asks him to check her other hand. Shaan gets moved in romance, but reminds himself that Rajni is a robot. Gyan thinks Pan might be showing its effects. Maggie asks him to massage her legs. Shaan gets up and asks her to go to cupboard. Rajni starts dancing and hugs him romantically. Shaan gets tensed.

Rajni tells family members that she will make kheer for her first rasoi. Aishwarya says she has an idea.

Written Update by H Hasan

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