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Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 5th May 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Rajni cooking food on bricks and fire. Shaan says you can use induction on your fingers. She says they are in vanvas. Surili asks what happened? Shaan asks her to activate exhaust system and clear the smoke. Rajni inhales the smoke. Surili says what is happening? Just now I saw smoke here. Rajni says I will tell and smoke comes out from her mouth. Surili asks if she smoke? Shaan says no, and says she has inhale the smoke. Surili thinks where did smoke go? She goes. Rajni tells Shaan that she is making some sweets, according to the family calendar there is a special day. Kuhu wears a good dress and asks Maggie, Bubbles and Shaguta about today’s date. Maggie and Bubbles ask her not to irritate them. Kuhu says you people don’t remember and gets angry. Even Gyan doesn’t remember. Kuhu is sitting angrily. Surili asks what happened? Kuhu says today is my birthday and nobody remembers it. Everyone wishes her. Maggie says even I don’t remember. Amrish says I forgot. Rajni comes with Shaan and says I do remember your birthday Kuhu, and cake is ready too. Kuhu gets happy and is about to cross the line. Rajni says line can stop us, but not our love. Shaan says it is Kuhu’s birthday and we can atleast cut the cake. Maggie says she will buy cake from outside.

Shaan requests Amrish. Amrish says I can permit for Kuhu, and asks her to cut the cake. Surili says you have taken a good decision, but. Amrish says keep your but at a side and says Rajni have done which you people should have done. He thanks Rajni. Rajni says you are welcome.

Amrish asks Kuhu to cut the cake. Kuhu asks them to sing song and cuts th cake. They sing happy birthday song. Shaguta says what is this cake? Rajni says it is made of rice and sugar, we didn’t have enough ingredients as we are vanvasis. Kuhu says it was the best gift till now. Rajni says Bau ji permitted only once to cross the line. Shaan brings the gift which Rajni made. Kuhu says you both are best. Shaan says I am so proud of me. Kuhu says today’s party will be good. Rajni says we can’t attend the party. Kuhu says party is in the mall and asks them to attend it with Dhyan. Rajni agrees. Shaan tells Rajni that she made him happy today. Rajni greets him. Shaan says I am proud of your knowledge. Maggie scolds Gyan for not remembering Kuhu’s birthday. Gyan says he is overloaded with work as Dhyan left. She fights with him. Shaguta says we shall throw a lavish birthday here at home. Surili says no, and says Rajni couldn’t attend party in mall. Shaguta likes the idea. Rajni comes wearing dress for party. Kuhu compliments her beauty and asks about Shaan and Dhyan. Shaguta asks what is happening? Kuhu says they will also come with us. Maggie says no, they are punished.

Kuhu says they can come to mall. Maggie says this can’t happen and asks them not to come to mall. Shaguta says this line is not in the house, but on the heart. Amrish says I haven’t called them for party. Kuhu says I have invited them. Maggie says I will slap you Kuhu…..Shaguta says Shaan can come, but Rajni have to stay here at home. Shaan says we will not come, and asks Kuhu to go and enjoy party. Dhyan also asks her to go. Surili says Rajni have dressed up well, but couldn’t come. Rajni says bye. Dhyan says how can they be so heartless. He gets angry and apologizes to Rajni on family’s behalf. Rajni says I don’t feel bad and I don’t have this feature. Rajni asks if this line is humanity, separating humans from each other. Shaan says you said a good thing and asks her to come.

Amrish, Surili, Kuhu and others come to mall. Kuhu tells Amrish that she is missing cinderella chachi. Mathew comes and wishes her happy birthday. Kuhu thanks her. He asks her to throw paper doll and take the doll which he brought from Paris. Kuhu refuses to throw paper doll and gives barbie doll to her mum. Mathew greets Shaguta. Surili collides with goon, and asks him to do sit ups and says sorry. He obliges. Surili goes. Security guard checks goon and sees pistol with him, but lets him go. Goon thinks whoever comes here will curse their destiny.

The goon fires bullet in air. Kant family and everyone are shocked.

Written Update by H Hasan

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