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Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 5th July 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Rajni about to lift her veil from her face, but then shows the knife scaring them. Maggie and Gyan runs from there being scared. Balwant closes the door and tells Rajni that he will not give money to owner, but instead they will go to Punjab. Rajni asks why Punjab? Balwant says it is my native city. Rajni agrees. Surili tells Aishwarya that she is feeling good after doing the ghost drama, and thinks to repeat it on weekly basis. She dances. Amrish says I am happy to get my Surili and says lets go and find Surili. Surili starts acting as Kanta ben…Shaan comes to his lab and thinks I will search Rajni somehow. He hears someone coming and hides. Sharmila comes there and thinks to rest in this lab, else Amrish will asks her to search Rajni again. She rests on Shaan’s chair. Shaan asks to do something to make Sharmila go. He activates the small dummy robot. Sharmila looks at it, and asks who are you? Shaan talks in that robot’s voice and says someone is trying to woo Dhyan. Sharmila says she will fire Nancy. Shaan says you will get white hair in 5 mins. Sharmila says everyone will know about my real age and jumps on the tracker and breaks it. Shaan gets sad and thinks he shall search her in Samaira’s guest house.

Balwant asks Rajni to come. Rajni says train will come soon. Owner comes and asks Balwant to give rent and their loan. Balwant says I am going for 2-3 days, and will pay the rent and their loan. Balwant says I will give rent to you and runs. Owner and everyone follow him. Rajni wonders where did she go? Samaira comes there searching her. Rajni talks in tapori language. Samaira asks why you are talking like this and how did you come here. Rajni says I got a stupid husband, who has just ran away. Samaira asks did he give you any proof of marriage and pics. Rajni says no. Samaira asks until when she will talk in tapori language. Rajni says until these pamphlets are distributed. Samaira asks a boy to distribute it and asks Rajni to talk normally. Rajni says ok Samaira. They leave. Balwant comes back and sees her gone, gets sad.

Bubbles tells Amrish that she has found a guy. She calls him, but the no. is wrong. Bubbles hugs Amrish and cries. Amrish says he is worried about Surili as ghost is behind her. Bubbles says I will make that ghost leave the house. Amrish asks how? Bubbles says I have taken training last week to make ghost go. She asks where is Bhabhi and broom. Amrish says in room.

Samaira asks Rajni to wait outside till she parks the car. Rajni comes to the coconut water stall. Coconut seller asks if she wants coconut water. Rajni says no and looks at it. She takes out her robotic hand. Samaira comes there and says she wants to show her to psychiatrist. She asks her not to feel bad. They go to hospital. Shaan comes to the coconut seller and shows Rajni’s pic, asking if he saw his wife. Coconut seller says she was here and went to hospital. Shaan runs inside the hospital and sees mad people. He thinks Rajni is with these mad people. Peon asks Shaan to go. Shaan picks the super scanner at the reception area which is used by the guards to find Rajni. He goes to a ward and calls Rajni. The peon comes there and asks what is he doing? Shaan says I am searching my wife, she is a humanoid robot. Peon says your wife is of metal. Shaan says I am creator of my wife. Peon thinks he is mad. They hold him. Metal detector rings alarm. Shaan calls Rajni. Rajni is sitting there itself. Rajni looks on.

Rajni and a mad man comes to Shaan’s ward. He is partially unconscious as he was given electric shocks. Rajni says this place is safe and we should keep Kohinoor diamond here.  

Written Update by H Hasan

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