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Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 16th February 2016 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Super Robot scanning the building through her hand. A man asks her to go from there. Super Robot says she is asked to save the people caught in fire. The Super Robot throws climbs on to the building like a spider man and gets inside breaking the glass wall. Everyone rushes out of the building. Surili is caught inbetween the fire and calls for help before fainting. Super Robot scan the area for the people and saves Surili. Constable tells Ishaan that he thinks that it was not a dead body. Shaan says it was not a dead body. Constable says but how could she go, when I checked her nerve, it was not beating. Shaan thinks Rajni went hearing the fire accident and asks about the hotel. Constable says hotel plaza. Rajni brings Surili out. Surili’s daughter in laws get relieved seeing Surili rescued. She asks about Rajni’s name. Rajni says she is not allowed to share her details. Shaan comes there in his car, and commands Rajni to come back to him. Rajni comes back and sits in his car. Surili is being informed that she has been saved by a girl. Surili is surprised to know this. Shaan says you need medical attention. Rajni says she needs technical attention. Shaan thinks how to take Rajni to his boss. He feels proud of himself for his creations and says her mass is like human body. Rajni thanks him for the creation. Shaan thinks what to do to make her presentable, and thinks to take Rajni to beauty parlour to get her face look more beautiful and presentable.

Shaan brings Rajni to beauty parlour and tells receptionist that he needs to get her make up done immediately. Receptionist asks him to wait. Shaan offers to repair something. Receptionist agrees. Shaan asks Rajni to behave like human till he repair it. Rajni agrees. Surili tells her husband to search for that girl. She scolds her daughter in laws for running leaving her alone in the fire. She asks them to go and find the girl. Ambarish jokes with Surili that their complexion is matching when she insists him to go napkin. Bahus go in their car and think to search the girl. Rajni is sitting in the beauty parlour. Rajni reads a magazine and talks to the woman sitting there. Everyone get amazed seeing Rajni’s amazing memory when she tells the phone numbers or the person’s name. Shaan comes back after repairing it. Rajni is sent inside for massage. Bahus come to the beauty parlour to spend some time. Rajni comes to the massage room and tells other bahu about variety of massages. She selects chinese massage. Rajni gives her heat through her hand, while she shouts. Shaan sees Sharmila inside and gets out. He asks Rajni to come out fast and asks her not to follow anyone instructions. Aishwarya comes to the parlour to get her facial done. Sharmila and other bahu hide seeing her, but she eventually sees them. Shaan asks Rajni to hide in the drum as the beauty parlour lady follows them. Rajni hides in the drum, but when Shaan asks her to come out. Rajni comes out, but the water goes inside her circuit and the functions gets wrong. Shaan gets tensed.

Precap: Shaan tries to repair Rajni and asks her to dance. Later he takes her somewhere.

Written Update By H Hasan


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