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Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 15th February 2016 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with News showing on TV. Ishaan is seen in his lab and thinks his concept is mind blowing. HE feels proud of himself and thinks how he will reach on time. He talks to a scientist photo and says he will make him proud by his invention, and leaves. He looks for the packet and calls Aishwarya. He talks to his dad. His dad says he is also looking for her. He says he has permanent solution for this problem. He talks to his bro. His dad says Devi has the power to understand crores of mens’ problems, but a man cannot understand a woman. His daughter in law come to him and asks what do he need? He asks her to make tea. They go to kitchen, but think they mum in law doesn’t like to see them working in kitchen, and what she will say if she sees them working in kitchen. Their respective husbands come. The bahus ask them to make tea, but they make excuses. One of the brother suggest that they shall help their wives to make tea. Dad gets happy seeing bahus bringing tea. He drinks tea, but spits it. His son says bro has added mirchi instead of sugar. He asks for water, but bahu gives him vinegar instead of water. He asks them to label the things. Ishaan says one day Aishwarya didn’t come, and we couldn’t handle home. He says he is searching for the blue packet. He says Bhabhis’ step inside the kitchen after many days and Aishwarya is taking advantage of the situation. Dad asks them to do experiment and find the solution. Ishaan says he will do this only in a few days time.

Mum comes and calls Bahus. She tells that they have to go to working woman celebrations. Bahu says she is ready. Mum asks her to think about her respect. Bahu talks to Dad and says they are only punjabis in the house, else everyone is bengali here. He sees mum standing behind him and goes to change the clothes. Mum scolds dad for calling her bakri and says punjabi have no class, status etc. Her son comes and says now he will open eyes seeing her. He sees her and open eyes. Mom and Dad argues. They see Aishwarya’s message on social networking site, that she is holidaying today. They wonder who will work. Mum says let her take a holiday on woman’s day. Ishaan says if she is our servant, or we are her servants. He says we can given password to her, and she will be online with her wish. He says we will fire her from the job and this is the solution.

Aishwarya comes home. Everyone is relieved seeing her. Dad asks her to make tea. Mum asks her to resume her work. Aishwarya says don’t you read my social status, and says she came here to get advance payment. Ishaan asks for blue packet. Aishwarya asks what is in it and argues. Mum gives her advance salary and over pampers her saying she will gift her saree tomorrow. Dad suggests mum to keep gangajal at home, as she have to wash Aishwarya’s feet some day. He goes to make tea. Mum asks him to make tea for her as well. Aishwarya shows the money to her friends, and says she got money, although Ishaan refused. She says Ishaan thinks he is a big scientist, but he doesn’t know to cut the hairs. Later Ishaan keeps a woman wrapped in a cloth, in the car and thinks Aishwarya will be relieved from the job now.

Mom attends working woman celebrations and praises herself saying she doesn’t do any work at home and even doesn’t allow her daughter in law to work in the house. She warns the mum in law who burns their daughter in laws. Just then fire broke out at the event hall. Everyone shout and start running. Ishaan is talking on phone. Just then he is stopped by the constable. Constable says he will slap him fine for talking on mobile while driving. Bahus think where is mummy ji. Mum is stuck inside the hall. Bahu says mum is afraid of short circuit and fire. Constable asks Ishaan to open the decky, and finds a woman wrapped in a cloth. Ishaan asks him to take the money and settle the matter as it is a complicated case. Aishwarya calls Ishaan and says she is having that poison blue packet. Constable calls Inspector and tells him about dead body. He gets a call that a fire broke out in hotel plaza. He woman who is wrapped in the cloth hears it and jumps out of car and starts going towards hotel. Ishaan gets a call and he tells his boss that he is bringing someone who is having much intelligence, power and face on which anyone can go crazy. The woman looks at the building. Ishaan says she is not a woman, but a Super Robot.

The robotic woman climbs on the wall like a spider man and gets inside to save the people trapped in fire.

Written Update By H Hasan


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