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Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 12th May 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Dhyan asking Rajni to tell Sharmila to leave. Rajni asks her to go. Sharmila asks her not to interfere. Rajni says my husband is resting and asks her not to disturb. Sharmila says I can’t sleep until you tell me good night. Dhyan gets up angrily and calls her good night by calling her as bittergourd juice etc. Shaan asks her to let her sleep. Sharmila goes. Dhyan asks Rajni to sleep. Rajni says I don’t need sleep, but charging. Dhyan asks her to sleep to charge herself. Next morning, Kuhu comes to Rajni and says I came to give you saree. Rajni says I am on Vanvas and can’t accept it. Kuhu says it is sent by Dadi, and she believes that everything will get back to normal if you wear it. Rajni says okay, my prabhu will get happy. Surili and Sharmila look at Rajni. Surili and Shaguta hears them. Sharmila says mummy ji should take training. Surili scolds them and says shall I take training to do murder. Maggie says whom do you want to kill. Sharmila says it was a joke. Shaguta says God has cheated you mum. Rajni comes wearing saree and poses. Shaguta asks if some miracle will happen because of this saree. Surili asks her to just wait and watch. Shaguta says she is looking fabulous in saree and Shaan will be bowled over by her. Surili asks her to come to her.

Shaan comes and sees Rajni in saree. He asks where did you find this saree, and asks her to go and change it. Rajni says it is a lucky saree and will help us to unite family. Shaan asks who gave this. Rajni says Kuhu gave this saree. Rajni’s battery gets low. Surili tells Shaguta that Shaan is pained to see her in his ex girlfriend’s saree. Shaan asks Rajni to change saree else he will dismantle her. Rajni keeps her head low because of low battery. Shaan goes. Sharmila asks what happened to her? Why is she not shaking. Shaguta says she is not reacting even after seeing you. Sharmila says what happened to her? Maggie says she might be in shock. Shaguta says we shall check her nerves. Surili says I am sure this is her new drama. Surili picks a stick and tries to make her move. Rajni falls on the stick. They make her stand again. Surili says nothing has happened to her, we shall go before Shaan comes. She says Rajni is weird. They go inside.

Shaan thinks I shouldn’t had made female robot. I shouted on her and she was silent as if her battery was down. He comes to her and sees her standing still. He thinks Rajni’s battery is low. He sees Dhyan coming and comes there. He asks why Bhabhi is standing like this. Shaan says she is fine. Dhyan says she is unwell and says he will call doctor. Shaan says I will treat her, as I am her doctor. I will give her love and she will be fine. Dhyan says okay. Shaan asks him to turn. Shaan activates Rajni’s back up mode. Rajni gets activated and gives her intro and weather report. Dhyan asks why she is behaving like this. Shaan asks her to stop it. Dhyan asks are you fine? Rajni says yes and asks how are you Dhyan? Dhyan says I am fine. He asks Shaan not to get angry on Rajni. He asks Rajni to come to lab. Rajni says no, and says you have given me command to change saree. Shaan says okay, go and change saree.

Rajni is in the lab and on charging. She asks Shaan if he doesn’t like the color or design of the saree. Shaan says it is a big story. Rajni asks if you go in a flashback. Shaan says no. He says I should have told you before marriage, but you are acting as a normal wife. He says this saree belongs to that woman whom I loved her a lot at one point of life. Rajni says okay. Shaan says this is your quality which normal woman won’t say. Shaan says I want to tell you. He says I loved her a lot…she was lovely and beautiful. She was perfect moulded skin…..smooth like butter. He praises her hairs, lips and smiles. He praises her voice, and says she used to call him useless.

Rajni says you can’t be useless, and you have made me, and says you are a genuis. Shaan says she doesn’t know that. Shaan says she wanted me to join Papa’s truck business and marry her, but I wanted to make a beautiful robot, so she left me and went. I think I was not worth to her of her typ. Rajni says okay. Shaan says you don’t have a heart and that’s why you can’t understand. Rajni says I have a logical board, and I understood that your love story was incomplete because of me. If you have invested time on her then your love story would have been complete. Shaan says you are important to me also. She asks if she comes back to your life again, then what you will do? Shaan says this info is not important for your logical board. Rajni says sad is very bad. Shaan says this is how life moves forward. Rajni says I have to go on a mission. I have to unite Sharmila and Dhyan. Shaan says very good and goes. Rajni says I will complete your incomplete love story and smiles.

Rajni tries to unite Dhyan and Sharmila.

Written Update by H Hasan

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