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Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 11th April 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Sharmila and Maggie coming to Surili and tell that 15 mins are over. Surili asks them to be polite. She asks why you both are in a hurry. Maggie says we have to feed kheer to Nana ji, and says we can’t keep him hungry. Surili asks if something is wrong. They ask her to come down. Sharmila says Rajni have lost silver bowl. Just then she gets Mrs Sareen’s call, and asks her to wear something unique this time. Sharmila asks them to come. Surili disconnects the call and asks where is the bowl. Rajni forwards her iron hand to get the silver bowl. Shaan comes out and asks her to stop. He says anybody can see this. Rajni says crow flew with the bowl and asks him to get it. She says crow is a thief. Shaan asks you are ordering me. Rajni says husbands can give life for their wives and can’t you do this for me. Shaan says I will shut you down. He asks her to pluck the tree. Rajni says it is bad for nature. She gets upset with him. Maggie and Sharmila take her out. Rajni climbs on the tree and gets the nest. Shaan asks her to serve kheer. Surili sees crow eating kheer. Maggie and Sharmila get shocked. Shaan says Nana ji is eating kheer made by Rajni….Surili asks baba, did you like kheer. Amrish says baba got happy today. Surili says he is my Baba, I don’t need to know from you. Surili sees the nest and asks who plucked this nest from the tree…

Rajni says I did, and says there are many things in his nest which are useless for him. Amrish sees watch, mobile etc in the nest, and asks Surili to write “my dad is a thief” on her hand. He asks Rajni. Where did she get the nest? Shaan and Rajni say that they got it on the tree. Maggie asks Sharmila, if you have hidden all these stuff in the nest. Sharmila says no. Maggie says Sharmila have tried hard not to let Rajni get the bowl and have even hidden it in her cupboard. Surili says you have stolen my baba’s bowl, and says you will be punished now. She asks her to wash all utensils of the house. Sharmila says no. Rajni says that’s the order, and asks Surili if you have accepted me as I have followed all your orders. Surili says I don’t know. Surili asks Maggie to make arrangements of the party. She tells Rajni that she didn’t do right by taking out the nest from the tree. Amrish tells Rajni that Surili have accepted you as bahu. Rajni gets happy and tells Shaan that her aarthi will be lifted from the house only. Amrish and Shaan are shocked. Rajni takes Amrish’s blessings.

Dhyan is worried as Sharmila is punished. Gyan laughs on him and says Sharmila will take out her anger on you now. Amrish comes and asks Gyan to order 2 trucks. Gyan asks about the color. Amrish asks him to leave it. Dhyan says I will manage as I need an excuse to be out of house. Rajni brings the tiffins and says Gyan and Dhyan will eat home made food in the office from now on. Amrish blesses her. Gyan and Dhyan get happy. Rajni asks him to get ready and have food. Amrish asks her to call Surili. Rajni says she will have food with her friends. Amrish laughs and says she will chit chat with her friend. Shaguta comes….Rajni asks her to have food. Shaguta says your husband Shaan don’t go to office. Rajni also feels pity on him. Shaguta says he eats free food, and asks her to tell Shaan to eat rotis made from his money. Rajni says okay and goes. Maggie tells Shaguta that she is more cunning than serial nanand. Shaguta says wait and watch.

Surili talks to her friends over kitty party, and says Mrs. Sareen might have went for shopping. Amrish comes and asks her friend if she is putting her husband on stake…laughs. He talks to her other friend and asks about her NGO. The lady says she has many NGO’s. Amrish asks her to give sometime to the NGO people.

Rajni gives tiffin to Shaan, and asks him to take it and go to office. She says you are married now, do some work now. Rajni says you are watching videos of girls who are swimming. She says you are relaxing since many days. Shaan says you have done the reverse planning? Rajni says do you know what I feel? Shaan asks her not to force him to shut her down. Rajni asks him to get up and go to work. Shaan says Mrs. Rajni Kant…I am a are a robot. Just a tin box. Rajni asks him to go to office. Shaguta hears them now. Shaan asks why is she behaving like Sharmila and Maggie? Rajni says I am not joking?

Shaan asks her not to show her face to him and go. Rajni says command accepted. Shaguta hears them and thinks fight have started between them. Rajni comes out. Surili introduces her to her friends. Rajni greets them. She serves the starters to the guests. A lady asks why she is letting her bahu do the work. Amrish says Rajni is an adarsh bahu and gives her responsibility to feed the guest. Rajni says okay. Surili asks her to be a good host and welcome everyone. Just then door bell rings, Surili asks Rajni to open the door. Rajni goes to open the door. Guest asks why did you send Rajni to open the door when you have servant at home. Surili says I don’t care. Rajni tells Surili that her guests have come to meet her. Surili asks them to send her in. The guests come inside. Surili is shocked.

Surili asks Rajni to play cards with her. Rajni says okay and sits down to play. Surili checks her cards.

Written Update by H Hasan

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