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Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 10th June 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Pandit ji asking Shaan to go to Shiv temple first and then fetches water 201 times from half an hour kms. Shaan says I can do, as I have made the robot, then says I can make a robot. Surili says I can’t believe that Shaan is going to do hard parishram for going to honeymoon with Rajni. Dev asks Shaan if he will do hard work. Shaan says he will go there with Rajni and chill. Dev says you are a cheater. Shaan says it is a smart move. Amrish comes and says I will also come with you. Shaan asks why? Amrish says I will make you drink water. Dev says no. Amrish asks him to sit and asks Shaan to come. He asks Shaan to fetch water from the river and present it on Shivling for 201 times. He gives pot in his hand. Shaan says honeymoon zindabad and goes to fetch water. Shaan gets tired and asks Amrish to go home and rest. Amrish says I will rest here only and asks Rajni to come. Shaan thinks I thought to die in lab, but it seems I will die here. Rajni tells Amrish that according to her logic, she shall help Shaan. Amrish says you can’t fetch water. Rajni says she can make Shaan have water atleast. Amrish agrees.

Rajni says I have my innocent sasur and innocent god blessings. Amrish thanks God for giving him such a wonderful bahu. Rajni comes to Shaan and says I will help you. Rajni cutely says they will have honeymoon there, having honey seeing moon. Shaan thinks population will be in control then if people have such honeymoons. Shaan fetches water while Rajni cares for him. Shaan puts the water on Shivling and asks Amrish what is left? Amrish says 158 is left. Shaan is shocked. Dev comes there and says he was scared of Shaguta and Mathew. Shaan asks him to fetch water. Dev refuses. Shaan calls him selfish and continues the parishram. He sits down and says he will die today. He gets an idea and asks Rajni to fetch water from river, and says he will put water on shivling. Dev says how mean? Shaan says he made her for people like him. Rajni says Bau ji says right, you are work stealer. Shaan asks her to go and get water.

Rajni says command accepted and goes to get water. Shaan asks Rajni to come. He takes the pot and puts it on Shivling. Rajni again goes and gets water from river. Shaan keeps water pot on his shoulder and comes to temple to present water on Shivling. Amrish asks why you are looking fresh. Shaan says bhakti me shakti..Amrish thinks it is love power and prays to God to help Shaan. Rajni brings water. Amrish sees Shaan taking her help and gets angry on Shaan for fooling him. Shaan says I can explain…Amrish asks him to have shame and says I thought you love Rajni very much. Rajni says you said right, Shaan is work stealer. Amrish says you have proved that you are a loser. Shaan says let me go on a honeymoon, and then I will show to the world what I have done. Amrish scolds him and takes his words literally.

Shaan thinks he can’t tell Amrish that Rajni is a robot and the grah things don’t apply to her. He agrees to do the parishram. Amrish gets Surili’s call. Surili asks many questions and asks him to reply. Amrish says I am standing in the temple, and Shaan is doing parishram. Surili says my poor baby might be pain. Amrish says everything will be fine and disconnects the call. Surili asks God to give strength to Shaan. She thinks Shaan never went with her to fish market because of hot sun, and thinks he might be in pain. Shaan faints while bringing water from river. Amrish and Dev get concerned for him. Amrish prays for Shaan and asks God to give him strength to complete the parishram. Rajni says he is dehydrated and needs water. Rajni says task can’t be completed in this situation, and says if Shaan can’t reach God, then God can reach his bhakt. Dev asks what do you mean? Rajni says you will know in sometime and smiles.

Rajni makes shivling on the mountain. Dev is surprised.

Written Update by H Hasan

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