Badtameez Dil
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Badtameez Dil 8th October 2015 Written Update

Badtameez Dil

Abeer introduces himself to new friend Appendix as Abeer Malhotra and work he would. Appendix starts his blah blah.. that usually a person manages both work and signing with great difficulty and also has to manage to girlfriend’s tantrums. Abeer asks what type he is. Appendix says he got a girlfriend, so he had to take up corporate job and when he did not get personal satisfaction, he started singing hiding from his wife. Abeer asks why hiding. He says his girlfriend does not like his singing, so he signs here hiding and asks what is he doing here. Abeer says there is a girl.. Appendix says he understood and says without girls life is tasteless and with them, it is horrible. Abeer nods yes. Appendix continues god made Adam and then made Eve to trouble him.

Abeer then starts his story that he married 8 years ago and divorced within a few months, the story’s conflict is he married the girl whom he loved and divorced her and same girl stuck him after 8 years and he again started loving her. Appendix asks him to get himself treated as he is having suicidal tendency. Abeer says she does not love him at all, 8 years ago due to immaturity they could not stay together and now she does not want to stay with him. Appendix says girls like donkeys. Abeer asks if he is a donkey. Appendix says he is donkey, dog, etc.. and sometimes even honey, shona…He continues and says girls are always right and then says he has a lot of ego. Abeer asks what he means. Appendix says he is not a donkey, so his marriage broke and suggests him to imagine himself as donkey in front of his girl, then she will not go away from him.

He then says he will leave now as he ahs to drop his girlfriend to college in the morning. Abeer says he will drop him and takes him near car. Appendix asks if he can control car. Abeer says he can control anything except his girl and her aunt, they made his life like a daily soap. They both then piss on tree and Appendix says he made him drink so much that this tree will burn by morning. Abeer asks if he will help him. Appendix asks what he has to do. Abeer says if he will do kidnapping.

Abeer and Appendix reach Meher’s building and see watchman sound asleep. Appendix picks a small bag and says they will kidnap the girl in this and then ask ransom. Abeer likes idea and hugs him. They both then reach outside Meher’s apartment and Appendix asks weight of girl, if they can carry her. Abeer says she is very light. Appendix asks her height and if they can carry in lift. Abeer asks if he was a trailor and says he does not have to stitch clothes but to kidnap. Abeer then rings bell. Appendix says door has to be broken, moves a back and runs to break it. Devki opens door just then and he falls on her. She sees Abeer and asks why did he come here inebriated and who is this specimen. Appendix asks if this is the girl and they both tie her hands and mouth. Abeer asks to bring some cloth. Appendix takes Meher’s brother’s bedsheet. Brother awakens and asks who is he. Appendix says his dreams and brother falls asleep again. They both then wrap Devki in blanket and drop her in car. Abeer says he will not free Devki until Meher cancels her resignation.

Appendix hears Devki shouting and asks when will she halt. Abeer asks him to provide chloroform from healthcare store and he leaves. Devki sees Abeer’s cell and picks it. Appendix goes to health-related retailer and thinks how to tell chemist that he requires chloroform. He asks if he has one that numbs entire body. Chemist claims quite a bit of men and women obtain it and offers c*nd*m packets as an alternative.

Devki queries Meher’s name, but does not find it. She then enters selection and identify arrives as Newborn. Devki thinks she is going to train him a lesson. Meher sees Abeer’s call and thinks why is he contacting at the moment. Devki states it can be her and states Abeer has long gone mad and has kidnapped her. Meher asks where is she now. Devki opens doorway and leaves. Abeer sees car or truck door open up and panics.
Precap: Meher finds Abeer and asks where by is bua/aunty. He suggests the ambulance by which bua is is lacking, he will find her by some means. Peons see bua waking up and run considering she is a ghost. Brother phone calls Meher and claims bua is on information channel.

Written Update By Sahir


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