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Badtameez Dil 8th July 2015 Written Episode Update

The episode begins with, abeer enters mehars cabin and states nisar it’s a good option Feel on it go grab a espresso and think over it, nisar says Okay and leaves, abeer states so yesterday at good friends meet it was the CEO and a buddy and now u are back again to ur very own self, wanting to separate two good friends, mehar claims don’t give urself great importance I did this bcoz nisar is talented and needs an opportunity, abeer claims where by was ur this nature when nisar was jobless and now when He’s in my band u are doing this, mehar claims more than enough abeer everything is just not always connected to u and don’t overlook u are certainly not selfmade don’t forget about dsouza he was one particular who taught u audio did u forget about him, abeer states whats Erroneous with him why are u dragging him now, mehar suggests he isn’t any far more and u understand what his past wish was to fulfill his pupil which is u but u didn’t arrive, mehar leaves.
Abeer goes to grave garden and sees dsouzas grave and walks to it, he sits beside it and takes blessings, and abeer is very unhappy. Abeer goes to fulfill dsouzas spouse, she claims Elton dsouza liked u quite a bit, he under no circumstances skipped any of ur episodes he was pretty pleased with u, he would say he will Reside regardless if dead abeer will hold him alive, he attempted Conference u and contacting u but there wasn’t any solution from ur remedy, I even known as ur Business, one day I went healthcare facility and fulfilled mehar and from then until now mehar took care of us, and Elton explained abeer did what was my desire I am proud of him, abeer is psychological and asks for just a glass of drinking water.he leaves revenue using a Take note on table and leaves. Mrs dsouza reads the note the place abeer states He’s ashamed of his problems plz don’t choose this income Completely wrong, Here’s my selection I didn’t keep my assure but will surely preserve now onwards adore abeer.
Abeer on road appears to be at some guys playing guitar and remembers his previous days, inside a music shop a dsouza enjoying guitar as well as a kid answering to it by way of drums, Anyone applauds the modest kid, dsouza asks whats ur name kid, abeers Mother comes and states his title is abeer, abeers mom says I am in this article for his adore toward music , will u plz educate him guitar, dsouza suggests sorry I don’t educate, abeer holds his hand and states plz sir, dsouza states Okay, and abeer remembers how dsouza sir taught him music and guitar.
Abeers father scolds dsouza and retains him the offender for abeers inadequate marks in examinations, and says guitar wont take him to varsity, and soon abeer will fail with this kind of efficiency, dsouza suggests sorry sir but abeer is admittedly good, his audio enthusiasm and information will consider him to stars believe me He’s genius, studio and audio is his lifetime, abeers father suggests u will not likely tell me abt my son so plz leave my son on your own and depart this property.dsouza feels poor and claims before I depart I’d personally say something sir abeers really like to music is devotional u can halt me from teaching him although not him Understanding songs, abeers dad states adequate depart.abeer starts crying.
Abeer around dsouzas grave sits near it and starts crying, abeer goes back to Workplace, he remains in discomfort, he goes to recording room, will take his guitar and memorises his Instructor and plays guitar and remembers his instructors lessons, and is in tears, mehar enters and sees abeer in suffering, and feels poor and it is in tears also, she walks to abeer and gives him coffee.
Abeer seems at mehar , mehar states choose it, u will come to feel improved, abeer usually takes the cup, mehar turns all-around and walks in tears, she goes to her cabin, abeer enters her cabin, and suggests I’m sorry I all over again didn’t knock can I sit, mehar nods Of course,abeer says I built a big slip-up , the a person who gave me implies to Stay I didn’t take care of him but u did thanku , u know u are the last particular person I loathe, but what all u did for sir it’s a giant favor for me and it could never be compensated back but I will attempt needless to say, thanks for anything, abeer leaves.

Precap:mehar and abeer in carry, raise breaks down and abeer panics, mehar laughs viewing this.

Written Update By Sahir


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