Badtameez Dil
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Badtameez Dil 6th October 2015 Written Update

Meher asks Abeer to leave as nothing has changed between them. He says a lot has changed and now he will do what he has thought. She asks what will he do. He asks her to wait and watch and leaves. She thinks he will create another drama.

Abeer at studio addresses audiences that he was describing a story and let in between, today he will continue further and says it is a real story and story’s sweet charming hero is himself. His parents watch it on TV. Meher’s brother Tunnu sees it on TV and calls family. Abeer continues that arrogant heroine is channel’s CEO Meher Purohit. Meher is shocked to hear that and angrily tells he has gone mad. Abeer says Kuber Malhotra fixes money tag on everyone and he is his dad. He says Abeer made many mistakes and misunderstood Meher, but his dad made mistakes as could not tolerate his son’s marriage to a middle class girl and broke their marriage. Kuber angrily breaks alcohol glass and asks wife to clean it. Abeer says he is ashamed of his dad. Meher says he has gone made and is insulting his dad in front of whole world. Devki says Kuber is getting a nice lesson. Abeer continues that he will never go back to his dad’s house and his dad lost his son and he is not Abeer Malhotra, but just Abeer now. Kuber shouts that this son has gone mad. Abeer continues that he and Meher will be together one day and Kuber will be defeated. Kuber shouts never..Abeer’s friends hug him and say he will succeed.

Devki says he is acting mad. Meher says he is immature. Suman says she married same immature boy. Devki says if this program airs in other places also, Abeer’s parents will be shocked. Meher says she tried hard to hide this issue. Devki says she has to sacrifice even now.

Rathi speaks over phone with Nisar and angrily asks why he had to go. He says I love you and I am really sorry. She asks when everything was working fine, then why this now. She says because of 2 people, their relationship is sacrificed. Rathi asks if it is Abeer and Meher and why they should. He disconnects call. She sees Abeer going with bouquet.

Satish sees Abeer and praises that his show rocked and girls were praising him. He says that is the difference between other girls and Meher. staff informs that Meher has come. Satish greets her in. Lights go off and everyone start clapping. Meher asks to switch on lights. Abeer tries to sing. She stops him and asks why is he making her life public. He says his dad forced them to divorce and now everything is sorted out. She says she is not same college Meher who used to love him, now she has changed, but he is same mischievous. She tells Satish that it is her last day in office and she is resigning.

Meher enters her cabin and starts packing her things. Satish enters and claims all the designs are Prepared, he imagined channel would make a hundred crore earnings under her direction and he was considering using his family to an Australia trip, now channel can make only twenty crores and he wouldn’t be able to get them. She says even without her, enterprise can make a hundred crore earnings. He says they built revenue right after 5 yrs and now she is performing immature like Abeer. She gives her friend’s card and says he is very proficient and it is a far better substitute than her. Satish returns card and states his star and company manager goes following offering him a large shock, now he will have to put on shopping mall fits and little automobile. Abeer claims He’ll speak with her and asks if she forgot her challenge of constructing 10 stars and leaving in between. She claims she’ll go at any Expense.

Precap: Meher needs bye to complete channel workers. Abeer asks her if she actually has to go.

Written Update By Sahir


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