Badtameez Dil
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Badtameez Dil 2nd October 2015 Written Update

Episode bigins with Abeer and Meher getting intimate for one last time before their divorce. They are seen sleeping on bed. Meher admires him while he is sleeping. Abeer tells her I love you Meher……Meher gets emotional. In the morning, Abeer wakes up and calls Meher asking her not to go to office. He realizes and gets up. He gets a note left by Meher wishing him best of for his life. Kuber comes and asks Abeer to get ready for court case. He looks at Abeer holding the note and asks if Meher came last night. Abeer doesn’t reply to him and goes. Kuber gets Lawyer Kamdhar’s call, and he informs him that Meher’s family have refused to take alimony. He says it is a good news and your 2.5 crores is saved. Kuber thanks him, and thinks if Meher refuses to take Alimony then Abeer will not leave her, and I won’t let her enter home again.

Abeer and Meher come to the court and sit before the judge. Kuber smiles while Bua try to give strength to Meher to sign on the divorce papers. Meher signs on the divorce papers. Abeer looks on. Kamdhar asks Abeer to sign on the papers. Abeer takes off his googles and looks at Meher. Kuber gives 2.5 crore cheque to Meher and says this is alimony which your lawyer demanded. Meher and Bua are shocked. Abeer looks on angry and signs on the divorce papers. Judge accepts their divorce petition and says you are not husband and wife anymore. Meher and Abeer gets up from their seat. Abeer leaves from there. Kuber smiles. Devki Bua tells I refused for alimony in the morning. Didn’t you tell your client Mr. Kamdhar. Kamdhar is speechless. Kuber says he told me, but I have to pay an amount even if you take or not. Devki Bua asks what do you mean? Kuber says precious thing is time, Meher spent time with Abeer from marriage day to yesterday night. He says yesterday she came to my house. He says this 2.5 crore is payment for that. Devki Bua asks him to mind his language.

Meher calls him Papa and says I called Papa to my papa and you. It is not a word, but trust. It am unfortunate that my trust had broken twice. You both have taken decision for selfishness. Neither he accepted me as his daughter nor you accepted me as your daughter in law. She says I will not lose my strength. She says when I have broken your record in college, you told that I am like you, but I am relieved that I am not like you. She says you thought of your son as a business deal. I don’t need your money and tears the cheque. Kuber looks on. Flashback ends.

Meher thinks I can’t fall weak and Abeer has to go this time. She packs his stuff and says you can’t stay in my home, or in my life. I will throw you out. She calls his name and asks to get up. Abeer pulls her closer to him. Meher asks what is this? Meher says your stuff is packed and asks him to go. Abeer asks did you take my advantage in the night. Meher says your stuff is packed and asks him to go again. Abeer asks are we going to honeymoon. He gets up and says he needs tea. He hugs her forcibly and comes down. He tells Mummyji that Meher have woken him up. He asks her for tea. Mummy ji says ok. Meher asks him to leave else she will call the Police. Abeer asks Mummy to make extra cups for police. Meher tries to call, but Abeer takes the phone. Meher asks him to go. Abeer says it is my house too and I will stay in my home. Meher says this is my home and was built with my money. Abeer says I gave my 60 Lakhs rupees. He apologizes to Mummy ji for telling about money. Mummy ji says you both fight too much. Abeer says atleast 1/3rd house is mine. Meher says I will return your money in 24 hours. Abeer asks her to go else he will kiss her. Tunnu smiles and asks do you like her seriously.

Meher brings a rope and do the partition of your house into two. She asks him to stay at the opposite aspect rather than stage in her spot. Mummy ji asks what you are stating? Meher asks her never to interfere. Mummy ji asks Abeer, what he will do when Meher returns his sixty Lakhs. Abeer suggests this time I came back as I am in appreciate with Meher yet again. He states when I observed her in clinic, I thought that I will lose her, I’ve recognized that I love her a great deal. He states don’t be concerned if she brings income, then also I will not leave and make any justification. I will rectify my blunder which I did by divorcing Meher, eight many years in the past. He claims I will set every thing wonderful. If at any time I’m going from right here, then I will acquire Meher with me. Mummy ji seems on emotional and joyful. Abeer smiles.

Although They may be actively playing game. Tunnu states that you are excessive. Jhansi ki Rani…..Mummy ji claims This really is dishonest. Abeer asks about Meher and states I will use her washroom. Mummy ji claims Meher will get angry if she hears Abeer contacting her Jhansi ki Rani. Meher comes and asks exactly where is Abeer.

Written Update By Nomi


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