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Badtameez Dil 27th August 2015 Written Episode Update

The episode begins with, suman claims to abeer that its a foul indication and she or he is apprehensive abt tunno, abeer says relax i will contact tunno, sham scolds tillu for not taking care of tunno and asks him to get in touch with all tunnos Close friend, abeer calls tunnos Pal, Mate suggests now a days tunno is usually with tillu instead of with them, mehar phone calls suman to request her to mail tunno, suman suggests he isn’t property and isn’t choosing phone much too, abeer claims to mehar i am going to look for tunno.


Tunno on railway station wondering abt mehar and how he cheated her, and his assure that He’ll try be her most effective brother, tunno sees simply call from mehar and breaks down,he shivers and phone falls off his hand and says di I’m sorry i don’t know how i did this plz forgive me, abeer goes to tillus household and calls him, sulekha suggests how appear u here, take it easy sit, tillu isn’t household he is out with sham, sham and tillu get to dwelling and find out abeer, abeer asks tillu where by is tunno, his friends explained to me He’s with u and i noticed that u two wherever cooking something throughout jagrata way too, sham begins acting as though he is concerned for tunno, tillu states tunno missing income in betting and so he ran away, sham hits tillu and suggests u do betting simply how much u missing, tillu states 10 lakhs, abeer stops sham and claims tillu simply call tunno, tillu calls tunno, tunno picks his mobile phone, tunno says i broke didis have faith in i will die although not go property, abeer asks tunno where are u, tunno keeps phone apart and walks away, abeer suggests trains sounds, tillu exactly where did u see him last, tillu claims jogeshwari.


Mehar keeps making an attempt tunnos telephone, a law enforcement gentleman picks tunnos phone, he tells that he located phone on railway station, mehar asks which station and runs to the station.mehar reaches jogeshwari station, abeer and sham access also and start looking for tunno, mehar phone calls abeer and tells that tunno is at railway station, abeer claims why are u away from office i informed u i will research him, atleast at the time believe in me and halt generally blaming me,and cuts her phone, mehar meets the constable acquiring tunnos mobile phone, they hear persons shouting abt a accident, folks around say a man committed suicide, mehar walks slowly too the area, she appears to be like at the body afraid, and sees , constable asks mehar is this ur brother, mehar states no, tillu sham and abeer are attempting to find tunno, mehar presents constable her number and asks her to inform if any news.


Tunno going for walks on the railway observe, abeer sees him and rushes to him,tunno sees abeer speeding towards him and starts off functioning absent, abeer pushes him, tunno claims i need to die leave me, abeer slaps him and claims go die, don’t u be concerned abt ma, bua and mehar and hugs him, tunno tells abeer every little thing what he did and suggests plz help save me i shed dwelling, ring anything, abeer says how did u go there, tunno says i began with 20000 u gave, tillu shows sham abber and tunno, sham starts hitting tillu and claims glimpse what all u did, abeer asks the amount of dollars u want for home, tillu claims sixty lakhs, tunno suggests how occur we took 10 lakhs, tillu claims i took sixty lakhs i had old income to return, sham states tunno don’t fear, abeer takes tunno in addition to him and suggests sham to stay absent.



Sham asks tillu to keep quite and both laugh when tunno and abeer leave.mehar in car worried abt tunno, tunno calls her from std, and says my phone had lost and i am coming home, sorry i am late, mehar says ok i am coming home, tunno cuts the phone, abeer says see relax no one shd know abt this i will take care of it and promise u will never do betting and study hard, tunno says yes and hugs him.


Suman receives delighted viewing tunno, mehar arrives property and rushes to him and scolds him, tunno claims i went to discover match, mehar claims did u forget about abt rakshabandhan and what abt sorts did u submit, tunno states i did, i am sorry, abeer says match essentially, mehar suggests i am speaking to tunno, tunno states he introduced me property don’t scold him, mehar asks this telephone, abeer says he went by coach have to have falleb down, mehar states tunno following time don’t do that, normally notify, tunno says I’m sorry i wont do it again, mehar claims Okay and hugs him.
Mehar ties tunno rakhi.


Precap: tunno tells suman abt betting and house on mortgage, suman gets angry and slaps him, somebody sees them and they both get shockd.


Written Update By Sahir


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