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Badtameez Dil 17th September 2015 Written Update

The episode begins with, taiji sees the pen kuber gifted abeer on floor, abeer can take mehar to space , abeer and mehar get near eachother, taiji reaches dwelling n rushes to abeers place n sees mehar in evening gown and her saree on bed n mehar drying her hair,mehar turns close to n sees taiji, taiji closes the doorway n leaves.
Kuber scolds abeer for coming home without having finishing deal, abeer says nisar is there He’ll look after it, kuber suggests nisar just isn’t my son u are, I would like u to get liable, taiji suggests kuber don’t scold abeer,mehar is to blame for All of this, abeer claims why are u pointing at mehar, kuber suggests abeer dare u, taiji states more than enough kuber I’ll guarantee that abeer wont act similar to this again, abeer receives offended n leaves, taiji claims kuber u really need to serene down,abeer is at tender age n by blaming him we can easily eliminate him,see abeer listens to nisar n mehar n now we will use nisar towards mehar n abeer, we should always discover nisars weakness n We are going to use that,and abeer is not going to bear this pain by nisar.
Kuber offers nisar cheque and suggests this is ur remaining payment n u will never function below following now with me,nisar states uncle explain to me whats Completely wrong I will likely not make any faults once more plz don’t treminate me,kuber suggests ur issues listing is huge so discover a new occupation, which u might benefit bcoz I don’t want right here abeers Mate but an employ, I would like expertise n sincerity n u don’t have it, nisar states uncle plz I beg of u, kuber suggests nisar This can be Experienced don’t allow it to be private u nonetheless are abeers Pal and if u require income I should help u but now leave, nisar claims sir plz I’ll do the job tougher I need this job my family members wants me, kuber suggests if That is so vital why didn’t u consider it significantly, u wasted ur time powering abeer n so now indication n go away,nisar suggests sorry sir, I assure I’ll operate more challenging plz attempt fully grasp,kuber suggests nisar depart, nisar indications the letter n leaves.
Mehar goes to home n sees abeer tensed, abeer claims mehar go away don’t hassle, mehar says Okay Here’s a track for u,mehar begins enjoying guitar,abeer says end it mehar, mehar states why are u so angry, abeer claims u wont fully grasp, mehar states abeer don’t feel bad abt taijis phrases, abeer suggests very first choose u are my wife or taijis, mehar states abeer I am ur side,abeer smiles,mehar suggests thank god u smiled but abeer it had been ur error u shdnt have remaining operate n occur, abeer claims ya but if I didn’t how would I shock u n now demonstrate me tattoo, mehar states Okay,abeer kisses her, taiji phone calls mehar, mehar leaves.
Nisar upset abt kubers term, abeer phone calls nisar, abeer asks nisar what exactly is worng why sounding minimal, nisar says abeer bye not now. Taiji n kuber jointly, kuber will get a message by nisar expressing sorry n asking for an opportunity, kuber states we have been on appropriate observe, taiji claims Excellent, kuber suggests but abeer n nisar are very best buddies n I hope this doesn’t go Erroneous, taiji says but for nisar there wont be nearly anything in excess of family members All things considered revenue does issues.
Nisar fulfills kuber n says thanku u gave me time to satisfy, plz give me a chance, kuber states nisar I have hundreds like u before me each day for these kinds of prospects, u can find them in dustbin n might be u might find urs as well, see nisar u cant perform for me but I’ve a job for u and a lot of cash that should fix all ur difficulties, nisar states I will do anything for u just give me a chance, kuber states can u betray abeer,nisar states sorry I didn’t get u,kuber says I need to interrupt mehar n abeers marriage n want u to join me for that, u have to individual them these way they cant even bear eachother, nisar says but uncle u accepted them ,kuber says nisar no thoughts just convey to yes or no, nisar says no uncle sorry,kuber suggests ya I understand strong friendship,no concerns u may go away and when u want to u can go n explain to abeer what I asked u for but don’t ignore He’s my son but what abt u,nisar funds issues so use ur head ur household wants cash and when u have me as assistance Feel abt it.
Precap: taiji claims to suman n bua that u broke my have confidence in, suman states sorry plz forgive me, taiji states if I was in ur put I might be on knees begging for forgiveness, suman goes on knees.

Written Update By Sahir


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